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Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2019 -- EINST Technology's focus has always been in research and industrial applications where they have been at the forefront of offering the latest technology and products for the Singapore and Asian market. The store specializes in bio-photonics solutions and has stopped at nothing when it comes to creating a one-stop platform for all professionals looking for highly sought-after products, and components. EINST Technology further enjoys the backing of seasoned professionals who guide their operations and an experienced engineering team that offers vital services to their clients.

Speaking about their vision for the research and development market, the company spokesperson commented, "Singapore has established itself as a leader when it comes to advancing the scope of research and development, especially in the bio-photonics sector. This has resulted in enhanced demand for the most effective products and technology solutions that will make different applications easier. We have taken on the goal of becoming the de-facto solution provider who can be trusted to deliver top-notch solutions that will allow you to build a better tomorrow."

A challenge that scientists typically face when looking to buy a spectrometer is whether they should place more emphasis on the instrument's throughput or resolution. This is because the functionality of this device is dependent on these factors, and a balance has to be found depending on the intended use. EINST Technology has come to the rescue by allowing their clients to have the best of both worlds as they avail the AvaSpec-RS replaceable spectrometer slit. This spectrometer makes it possible to instantly change the slit using a screwdriver without worrying about recalibration, thanks to its high-precision slit positioning.

Talking about the advantages of the slit-replaceable spectrometer, the company spokesperson said, "The AvaSpec-RS series comes complete with a set of four slits and tools required to change the slit on the spot. This allows you to easily settle for the right slit depending on the throughput and resolution desired for the application at hand. Generally, the replaceable set contains 25, 50, 100 and 200 ┬Ám slits with the kit available with SMA-905 connector, as well as the FC/PC connectors. Having this spectrometer gives you the desired flexibility to customize each application without having to rely on different devices."

For industrial and field deployments where there is the need for a solution that supports quick material identification and verification, the handheld Raman Spectrometer is the go-to product. EINST Technology has in stock a true handheld unit controlled by a miniature Windows computer and making it possible to achieve one-touch identification. It is an affordable device that supports wide chemical coverage as it has a database that contains thousands of chemical spectra to find the right match in a few seconds.

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EINST Technology has since the year 2003 been offering a strong support role to the research and development community by providing a platform for accessing top of the line bio-photonics products, components, and services in Singapore and Asia.

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