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Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2018 -- EINST Technology is a de-facto biomedical and photonics solution provider with a market focus in Asia which they serve from their headquarters in Singapore. The company is comprised of a competent management team that is comprised of individuals with rich professional backgrounds in the research and development sectors which they serve. It is by drawing from this wealth of expertise that EINST Technology has rapidly gained popularity in the research community as a trusted source of products and technology solutions.

Speaking about their strategic partnerships, the Company Director said, "As a solution provider we work hand in hand with manufacturers who have for decades showcased their commitment to driving change in the bio-photonics industry. We follow vigorous evaluation criteria when selecting the manufacturers who provide us with their products as we are after creating a world-class inventory. Today, we are proud of being at the center of several partnerships with international brands ensuring we always have an exclusive product catalog for all operational demands."

Avantes have been in the headlines in the past years for their revolutionary inputs to the production of spectrometers. Consequently, this has led to an increased demand for the manufacturer's spectroscopy solutions which EINST Technology has in stock. Scientists who want to know Avantes spectrometer price can find instant quotes from the store's e-commerce site that is designed for an outstanding user experience. EINST Technology makes timely updating of their spectrometer inventory with the price of each model clearly indicated alongside each model to make online shopping more convenient.

Talking about the features of the Avantes fiber optic spectrometer, the Sales Manager said, "The decision to buy fiber optic spectrometer that perfectly fits all applications is conveniently met by the Avantes Starline. Top of the advantages of this model is the flexibility in its set-up which comes in handy for time-critical situations. You will also find its diversity of use to be appealing as it can be used in the UV and VIS range. Since the AvaSpec comes in different dimensions you will have the freedom to select the grating, slit, and detector which will complement your specifications. Finally is the convenience of the AvaSoft basic software which comes with a quick start guide for simplicity in using the spectrometer."

Researchers rely on wavelength meters for the determination of the exact wavelength of lasers during a study. EINST Technology has a perfect option for clients after laser wavelength meter that will give them an absolute wavelength measurement. The Bristol instrument 521 series is an affordable solution which utilizes the proven interferometer-based technology to determine the exact wavelength. EINST Technology recommends the Bristol instruments for broad wavelength coverage and straightforward applications with results required to an accuracy of ± 0.005 nm.

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EINST Technology is a leading supplier of bio-photonics products and technology solutions to the research and development sector in Singapore which they serve with utmost dedication and passion for success.

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