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EINST Technology Pte Ltd Is Providing Spatial Light Modulars, Wavelength Meters and Ultrafast Terahertz Detectors


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2019 -- With over Sixteen year of distribution experience in scientific equipment, EINST Technology Pte Ltd is a leading supplier of Photonic (light wave technology) instruments. The company is a distributor of laboratory apparatus or appliances centering on Bio-Photonics in the Asian marketused for practical scientific application. Apart from distribution, the company does 3D medical prototypingand is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).EINST Technology Pte Ltd sells scientific cameras, Microscopes, Spectrometers, Terasense technological devices, 3D micro printers, laser and light systems among others. The company has a dedicated team of technical profession who ensure that the company only distribute and offer the best scientific instruments available.

"EINST Technology Pte ltd is always fast to tap into the latest technology and ensure that the research and development space always has the latest instruments supplied as soon as they are made and market ready," stated the company spokesperson during a recent exhibition in Singapore. "We are currently promoting the latest Spatial Light Modulars, Wavelength Meters and Ultrafast Terahertz Detector that are a welcome help to researchers all over Asia."

The Laser Wavelength Meter for instance, that is on offer is the low pricedBristol Instruments 521 Series.Bristol wavelength meterswavelength meters have a built-in wavelength standard for continuous calibration ensuring accuracy and are ideal for scientists and engineers who need to know the exact wavelength of their lasers. The Wavelength can beoperated with PC using high-speed USB interface as well asintegrated into experiment for automatic wavelength reporting and control.

"We have a series of HOLOEYE - Spatial Light Modulars that is based onLCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) microdisplay with full HD resolution. HOLOEYE offers different display versions that can beoptimized for the use at different wavelength ranges," added the company spokesperson. "The Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) consists of a driver unit with standard digital video interface (DVI or HDMI) and are full resolution HD or easy readability."

Lcos Spatial Light Modulator can be used in range off applications; from holography, lithography, optical metrology, interferometry, optical tweezers, and wave front corrections to phase shifting applications. Customer can get a quotation for the various products on offer rom the company website at einstinc.com and a comprehensive detailed description of the instruments are posted on the company website to ensure customers have all the information needed.

About ENIST Technology Pte Ltd
EINST Technology Pte Ltd is a manufacturing as well as a distribution company with a special interest in research and development in photonics and bio-medical science. The company was established in 2003 and has set a name for itself as the best research and development equipment distributor. EINST Technology Pte also offers after sales services such as training, especially on advanced microscopy use, Terahertz Detector, preventive maintenance, system integration, equipment relocation as well as microscope repairs.

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