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EINST Technology Pte Ltd Provides Andor Cameras and Spectrographs


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2019 -- EINST Technology Pte Ltd offers Bio-photonics solutions, services and components to their clients. The company supports research in the community by providing the latest products and technology. The management team at EINST Technology Pte Ltd is made of expert technologists in design and development, market trend identification and new product commercialization and technical support in Photonics and bio-medical applications to local and international markets. They collaborate with various researchers to help in commercializing their innovation to industries. The company strives to offer prompt support through their technical and product know-how with a customer-centric approach. They specialize in microscopy, spectroscopy and imaging solutions, laser & light sources, microscope accessories, and engineering services.

Speaking about stereo microscopes, the Company spokesperson said, "At EINST Technology Pte Ltd, we have stereo microscopes with cameras designed with optimum zoom ratio to deliver high-resolution images and better optics to users. They are high-performance microscopes that are ergonomically designed for adequacy. With their advanced image acquisition features, the stereo microscopes are ideal for scrutinizing microscopic structures in biology research and live science studies that specialize in body screening operations. They have large zoom ranges, wide fields of view, and precision optics that help in analyzing specimens in two and three dimensions."

Clients can buy Andor camera at EINST Technology Pte Ltd and enjoy active cell imaging research. The company supplies Andor ultra-sensitive imaging cameras that conduct super-resolution microscopy in imaging active cells and researching colorization. The cameras can be used for ultrastructural investigations in fluorescence microscopy. They are back-illuminated and accelerated to 56 fps to enhance pushing speed performance for quality results without compromising quantitative stability. With Andor cameras, users can navigate fluorescence microscopy with expertise. EINST Technology Pte Ltd stocks a wide selection of advanced Andor cameras including EMCCD, ICCD, and CCD detectors and scientific CMOS.

Speaking about Andor EMCCD cameras, the Company Spokesperson continued, "At EINST Technology Pte Ltd, our clients can buy Andor EMCCD cameras at highly competitive rates. The back-illuminated EMCCD is a market leader that has now been accelerated to 56 fps (full frame). Our EMCCD camera maintains quantitative stability and single photon sensitivity in its operations. It has a new optically centered crop mode that helps to unlock unparalleled frame rate performance from ROIs that are centrally located. It is perfect for super-resolution microscopy that requires sensitivity and particular speed. The advanced performance attributes of our EMCCD cameras are overwhelming."

EINST Technology Pte Ltd also provides Andor spectrograph that performs quality imaging and low variance with the best spatial resolutions. Andor spectrographs are highly configurable with great modularity. They are designed with a micro-spectroscopy interface that enables flawless integration with other microscopy systems. They are compact and research-grade spectrographs that come with seamless interchangeable gratings, slits, and light coupling accessories for use in general benchtop spectroscopy measurements. They also have an imaging-configurable platform and various light-coupling interfaces.

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EINST Technology Pte Ltd offers Bio-photonics solutions, services and components to their clients. The company supports research in the community by providing the latest products and technology.

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