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Einstein Structured Settlements Help Many Get Large Lump Sum Payment


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2012 -- In addition to the many people that have been helped with a lump sum payment in exchange for their inadequate annuity payments, Einstein Structured Settlements is now entering its customers into an exciting big cash sweepstakes. The Los Angeles, California-based factoring company purchases structured settlements in exchange for the largest lump sum payments possible.

When people get into accidents and are unable to go back to work for extended periods, they find that the inflexibility of their structured settlements from an insurance claim or settled lawsuit is an inadequate breakwater against difficult economic times. Thanks to Einstein Structured Settlements, many of these people are receiving a lump sum payment up front instead of having to wait to receive their money.

Einstein Structured Settlements is now providing even greater incentives to those closing a deal with the California-based structured settlements factoring company by making them eligible to enter their grand prize sweepstakes from now until February 2013. The Grand Prize is having the sweepstakes winner’s rent or mortgage paid, up to $600.00 per month, for two months. “Our goal is to do everything within our power to provide our customers with the largest lump sum possible from their structured settlements, and the sweepstakes is just one more way of showing our appreciation to our customers for their trust,” said an Einstein Structured Settlements specialist.

After filling out their free price quote form online, an Einstein Structured Settlements expert walks the applicant through the safe, private, and easy process of obtaining the maximum amount of cash right now for their deal. Their experts will check the settlement agreement, review the applicant’s financial status and provide them with concrete advice on the best option.

Structured settlements can prove to be inflexible in a number of different ways such as the inability to change the payment amount or approach a local bank for a loan against the settlement among others. Einstein Structured Settlements provides a solution for people that find themselves in a cash crunch. From helping people save their homes from foreclosure and paying off debts to helping others pay for school or purchase homes, Einstein has provided the ideal solution for thousands of people with inflexible structured settlements.

Just one of many examples was a recent client of Einstein Structured Settlements whose story was reported in Yahoo! Finance. The Washington DC-based auto accident victim’s structured settlement was inadequate to pay the medical bills and support his family for the year he would be out of work. By turning to Einstein Structured Settlements, they were able to turn his settlement into one large lump sum payment. This enabled him to pay his bills, make needed purchases and get his life back on track.

Those that contact the experts at Einstein Structured Settlements are under no obligation to sell their settlement if an amount is offered. Clients also have the available alternative option of a structured settlement loan that allows them to keep their settlement agreement and obtain a loan in which future settlement payments are used as collateral. For more information, please visit http://einsteinstructuredsettlements.com

About Einstein Structured Settlements
Einstein Structured Settlements is a factoring company based in Los Angeles, California. The company purchases structured settlements in exchange for some of the largest lump sum payments in the industry. Their experts will check the settlement agreement, review the applicant’s financial status and provide them with concrete advice on the best option to take.