Joe Bragg Launches Market Leading Offers on Structured Settlement Purchases


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2012 -- Structured settlements are a common insurance or financial arrangement. A structured settlement is where a compensation claim is settled with an agreement to pay in installments, rather than in one lump sum. This is common in personal injury or product liability cases. However in many cases the recipient would prefer to receive a single lump sum payment. To assist these people, many structured settlement companies will buy these settlements in return for a lump sum.

One structured settlement purchase company that is getting a lot of attention recently is Einstein Structured Settlements. They have built a substantial reputation for their fair business practices and generous offers for settlements.

The website contains a large amount of information about selling a structured settlement. It helps visitors understand whether or not their settlement can be sold, and how to begin the process if they are eligible. It also provides editorial content about structured settlement sales in general, and outlines the advantages of selling a structured settlement to Einstein Structured Settlements.

It also contains information about structured settlement loans. This is an arrangement where a loan is taken out with some future payments of the structured settlement being used as collateral. This can sometimes be a good option for people who need a smaller lump sum.

A spokesperson for the website said “Structured settlements can be a great reliable monthly income, but for some people a lump sum is far more convenient.” Perhaps they have an emergency where they need a large amount of cash quickly, or maybe they want to make an investment, buy a new car, or start a business. There is also the problem of being unable to pass a structured settlement on after they die. Often, selling a structured settlement for a large lump sum is the most prudent plan. There are a number of companies that buy structured settlements, but they are not all created equal. Some of them offer much better deals than others. At Einstein Structured Settlements, they offer the very best deals available. They are also dedicated to proving a smooth, stress free transaction for their customers. Dealing with Einstein is the best way to unlock a significant cash sum from a structured settlement agreement.

About is a structured settlement purchasing company. They buy structured settlements in exchange for a lump sum payment.

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