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EIS Financial & Insurance Services Introduces Long-Term Care Insurance Coverage


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2013 -- EIS Financial & Insurance Services has introduced new long-term care insurance coverage options to ensure clients' health is protected well into their old age. Now, clients can plan for their future medical expenses and save themselves from spending potentially thousands in uncovered care as medical conditions arise later in life.

In addition to homeowners insurance in San Diego , business insurance in San Francisco and workers compensation insurance in Los Angeles, EIS has introduced long-term insurance coverage options which are intended to help supplement programs such as Medicare. Because these programs only cover approximately six percent of long term care costs, studies show 60 percent of those over age 75 will need long-term care for at least three years. In fact, for those 65 and over, studies indicate two out of five people will need nursing home care and for couples over 65, there is a three in four chance that at least one of them will need long-term care.

Studying these statistics, EIS Financial & Insurance Services has determined there was a critical need to offer clients long-term care insurance coverage. With this long-term care coverage, patients will be able to remain independent and preserve their dignity while protecting assets and taking advantage of quality long-term care options. EIS' long-term care insurance will enable independent individuals to plan ahead so that they do not become a burden on their families, benefiting both themselves and their loved ones.

This new long-term care insurance will be tailored to individual needs and budgets. The independent agents at EIS Financial & Insurance Services can help those who want long-term care insurance to choose from a variety of options, including:

- Nursing home coverage. Plans are available that absorb the cost of nursing home care, one of the most expensive aspects of long-term care

- Coverage for custodial or in-home care. Depending on the circumstances, some individuals prefer to use in-home or custodial care services. Plans are available for alternative care options.

- Lifetime benefits. Plans can be designed so that benefits last a lifetime.

- Inflation-proof programs. Without an increase in premiums, some programs offer increasing benefits based on the rate of inflation.

- Premiums waivers. Plans can be created that waive premiums when the individual is under hospital or nursing home care.

- Flexible underwriting. Some plans offer immediate underwriting at the time of purchase rather than when a claim is made.

With the help of EIS Financial & Insurance Services, those who want to provide options for long-term care can find the plans and coverage they need to fit their budgets and needs. Consumers seeking insurance solutions to future medical dilemmas are encouraged to call EIS Financial & Insurance to plan for their future now.

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