Jeremy Low

EKG-Interpretations Now Offering EKG Interpretation Crash Course


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- With the crash course offered by ekg-interpretations, nursing and other medical field students can now have the perfect review companion to ace their exams for as low as $10. Also with this crash course, medical personnel can advance their career as well as gain certifications and credits without spending too much money and time.

This EKG interpretation crash course has been developed by topnotch nursing instructors in order to satisfy the need for learning of people actively involved in the medical field. By just teaching the essentials of proper interpretation of EKG, this crash course is guaranteed to instill to students just the lessons and knowledge that they really need to know. Such lessons include EKG grid measurements, rhythm analysis, cardiac electrophysiology, EKG lead placement, atrioventricular blocks, paced rhythms, sinus rhythms, atrial rhythms, and junctional rhythm of the heart.

The crash course package includes a detailed manual and a compact disc for the installation of EKG monitor software. The manual takes students to a walk-through of ten chapters and 46 pages of detailed explanations and instructions for proper comprehension of the course. The compact disc, on the other hand, lets the students install a Windows Software that perfectly simulates an EKG monitor. The simulator runs on computers with at least Windows 98 operating system. The EKG simulator contains videos of graphs of the heart. This simulator is a supplementary material that assists students in interpreting cardiac rhythms by looking at the monitor.

So for people who are looking for the easiest, quickest, and the most straightforward way to learn how to interpret EKG, they must really consider this course. With this crash course, learning how to interpret EKG is just moments away.

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