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Ekya Schools Launches 'Experts@ EKYA' Programme to Expose Young Learners to Different Career Options and Trains of Thought

The Ekya education experience is focused towards developing a sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness in a child. Ekya believes asking questions is the basis of all growth, and encourages that in your child. Ekya now takes a step ahead with ‘Experts@EKYA’. The ‘Experts@ EKYA’ programme exposes the young learners to different career options and trains of thought.


Bangalore, Karnataka -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- The multi dimensional learning at EKYA is not confined to the classroom alone. Impressionable young minds are like sponges, readily absorbing ideas and learning from their environment and surroundings. Constant efforts are made to broaden the students’ horizons and encourage them to think ‘out of the box’ by exposing them to a kaleidoscope of ideas outside the classroom. The ‘Experts@ EKYA’ programme exposes the young learners to different career options and trains of thought. This is done by inviting experts who have made their mark in different fields to share their experiences about their choice of ‘offbeat’ careers. During the interaction with these professionals, the students get an insight into what it means to choose a particular career path and how happiness and passion results from doing what one likes and is good at. Students are seen asking questions and as a result, understand and interact with different types of people. They get a perspective of career choices other than traditional ones, and appreciate that doing what one loves is the best return on talent investment. Be it writing, ad film making, architecture, growing up or any other topic of interest, success is the result of pursuit of excellence, hard work, dedication and commitment. The young learners get a first hand glimpse of the hard work and dedication involved in order to succeed in the chosen fields.

Mr Ravi Shankar, the creative Director at Nirvana, the agency that shot to fame for its Zoozoo ads, among many others, shared some valuable tips with the students about ad film making. The videos of many familiar advertisements including Mahindra, Incredible India, Hutch, etc left the students spellbound. Some of the students were impressed by his opinion that his dedication and love of film making were the major factors for his success and not his academic prowess. So much so, that a young learner even wanted to know if she could jump straightaway into film making without completing her studies!

Ms Rheea Mukherjee, a free lance writer and one of the founders of the Bangalore Writers’ Workshop spent an enjoyable afternoon with the students at EKYA ITPL. The workshop, held as a culmination of the unique ‘Reading Week’ helped the students explore their creativity through different writing activities. It also spurred some of the youngsters to seriously take up writing as a career. After elaborating on the hard work, hardships and heartburns involved in writing, Ms Mukherjee was floored by a student who wanted to know the name of her dog! Ms Shylaja, part of the team of architects at M/S Mindscape, who designed the school, interacted with the students at EKYA J P Nagar. She gave the students useful insights into the building process. She was deluged with questions about building and design, one of the environmentally conscious students even wanted to know why a leaking tap had not been fixed!

Ms Chitra Doraiswamy, a Life Skills expert, and associate Principal at CMR National Public School had a heart to heart talk with the teens and preteens in both the EKYA Schools about issues of adolescence and growing up. The students’ high level of comfort and ease with her helped clarify doubts and misconceptions that most teens have today. They thoroughly enjoyed the session and were very keen that she comes back for more!

Ekya Schools in Bangalore offer world class education facilities with its CBSE School at ITPL and ICSE School at JP Nagar

About Ekya Schools
The word Ekya is derived from the Sanskrit sounds of unity and individuality. It embodies the spirit of collaboration and togetherness while allowing space for the individual to grow and express oneself. Ekya school forms the foundation for a child's future. The Ekya education experience is focused towards developing a sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness in a child.

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