El Portal Comprehensive Cancer Center Launches

Leading-Edge Prostate Cancer Treatments


Merced, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/21/2013 -- El Portal Comprehensive Cancer Center has the pleasure to announce the dawn of a new era in multidisciplinary cancer treatment in Merced, CA. El Portal Comprehensive Cancer uses the latest technology and discoveries in the treatment of cancer and tumor patients.

El Portal clinic is available to all patients who have an abnormal mammogram, a palpable mass, have been newly diagnosed, have recurrent breast cancer, or are at an increased risk of developing cancer.

El Portal Comprehensive Cancer Center treatment is overseen by physicians of vast experience and expertise. They have an optimistic, self motivated team of professionals who carry out weekly appraisals on the state of affairs, each presenting their experiences and exclusive cases for an in depth study, research and planning.

The Benefits Of The Technology Include

- Maximizes Effectiveness – Higher radiation can be directed to the cancer cells and tumors using the IGRT technology without interfering with the normal cells.
- Minimizes Risks - With the accuracy of the Radiation Treatment field placement, with daily CT guidance, exposure of the tissue can be reduced. Therefore, less side effects from Radiation Treatment.
- Maximizes Visualization - El Portal Medical Arts Building houses the newest PET/CT in the North Valley. They are now capable of integrating the PET/CT images into their treatment planning for 3D conformal Radiation Treatment.

El Portal team provides moral support to the patients and their families to keep them optimistic as this aids in their medicinal process.

"This new generation of treatment technology represents a major step in the fight against cancer."

About El Portal Comprehensive Cancer Center
El Portal Comprehensive Cancer Center is a modern cancer center Located at Merced California using state-of-the-art technology for cancer treatment. El Portal Radiation Oncology Center utilizes a new PET/CT, specifically designed for radiation treatment planning

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