El Tiempo Cantina

El Tiempo Cantina Expands Service Offerings to Include Catering

Catering options include American, Italian and Tex-Mex food


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- According to Brandon Gaille, catering services continue to grow at an amazing rate, with revenues doubling over the past ten years. The industry boasts faster growth than any other food service within the past three years, and caterers contribute more than $45 billion to America's economy. Many looking for Mexican food catering in Houston TX turn to El Tiempo Cantina for assistance as the caterer has an outstanding reputation for delicious food and great service.

"El Tiempo Cantina offers the best Tex Mex in Houston, defining the amazing culture and flavors this type of cuisine is known for. Over the past 55 years, the Laurenzo family has devoted their craft to perfecting the foods served, and customers see this in every dish served. The service remains exceptional also, with all patrons being treated as part of the family," Domenic Laurenzo, co-owner and executive chef of El Tiempo Cantina, declares.

Catering options vary based on the needs of the client. Some find they wish to have traditional Mexican food, such as fajitas, or Italian food, such as lasagna. American food catering remains a popular choice as does dessert catering for those who don't want or need a full meal. With all catering options, customers receive outstanding service.

"Visit the website to learn more about the many catering options. Some opt to have food delivered and set up, while others find they need full catering service. El Tiempo Cantina offers both and can provide bartending service for those times when alcohol will be served. The caterers strive to meet the needs of clients for a wide variety of events as one shouldn't need to find a new caterer each time they want a different type of food or catering service," Laurenzo explains.

In addition to catering, El Tiempo Cantina offers restaurant locations along with the El Tiempo Market. Customers find they can turn to El Tiempo Cantina for all of their Tex-Mex needs. The restaurant locations showcase the rich history of the family, while the market provides outstanding foods for those wishing to have fresh ingredients. Party packs and a banquet menu round out the offerings of this fine family owned and operated restaurant chain.

"Visit El Tiempo Cantina. Once patrons do, they fall in love with the amazing food, outstanding service, and wide range of service offerings. There is no need to go anywhere else when one wants Tex-Mex food as El Tiempo Cantina offers everything one could want and a great deal more," Laurenzo promises.

About El Tiempo Cantina
Domenic Laurenzo, executive chef and co-owner of El Tiempo Cantina, strives to continue the legacy of his grandmother, a woman who introduced Houstonians to a different style of Mexican food. He remains dedicated to ensuring the legacy continues in Houston's history, despite the many obstacles they have faced over the years, and the restaurant serves a mixture of Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine designed to delight the taste buds of every patron.