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Elainee Presley Reignited Songstress' Passion for Music and Confidence in Songwriting and Performance Ability


St. Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2015 -- Irene Leland is a songwriter/singer who composes and performs folk/pop/soft rock music. She writes both lyrics and music and accompanies herself on the guitar. She also composes promotional jingles and theme/specialty songs. She also performs cover songs.

A talented songstress hailing from St. Louis, Missouri is splashing huge waves and carving big marks in the sand with her songwriting and singing! Irene Leland, whose first compositions came to life at age nine while playing the piano and then blossomed with her guitar throughout her life, has always been thankful for her gift of music and how it has provided her a creative channel of expression during happy and hard times.

Leland's continual explosion of massive Best Song awards with The Akademia international music/songwriting competition is quite impressive. One of her hit songs, surging in popularity, is now being aired on 65 FM stations in 13 major networks worldwide and is featured on a DJ remix for thousands of shows internationally. She was named one of "Musicians Who Are Hot in 2014" by the Marquix Global Network and "New Music Artists Making Moves" by the Svelte Media Company in April 2015.

In juggling many diverse careers along her path, as an actress, voice over artist, model, author, spokesperson, publisher and much more, Irene has always treasured the most her role as a musician, songwriter and singer! But, during the years of handling various professions along with raising two sons and dealing with the adversity of life's challenges, Leland's capacity for music was largely put on hold. Then later on, in meeting Elainee Presley and in receiving Elainee's faith and encouragement in her work, Leland made a fresh comeback in writing new songs, reviving old songs and doing gigs at all kinds of venues.

Leland Quotes:

A significant turning point occurred a few years ago when Leland was fortunate to make contact with multi award winning singer, Elainee Presley. "It is with extreme gratitude that I attribute the catalyst of my musical success to Elainee for her professional guidance. It was Elainee who directed me to The Akademia, and she has been highly supportive and proud of my many achievements. Elainee has reignited my passion for my music and my confidence in my songwriting and performance ability."

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