Elainee Presley Stars in an Upcoming Movie 'Eye of a Psychiatric'


Uxbridge, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2013 -- Elainee Presley is a gifted singer and song writer. Music enables a singer to convey their emotions to people and also touch their souls. A great musician is always sensitive to their surroundings and they reflect their sentiments through music. Elainee Presley is one such great musician, who does not only like to touch people’s lives through her music but she also takes part in charity works. Elainee’s music has the unique feel of the Elvis Presley’s music which undoubtedly was the Golden era of Music. Other than being a professional singer and song writer, Elainee is also a peace loving person. She is sensitive to other people’s needs, this is why Elainee loves to help people. She is involved in a lot of charity work for the community, including various charities, cancer trusts, charity runs, charities that help children, etc.

Elainee Presley’s talents do not end on her music, she is also a great actress. She is currently involved in a few movie projects. She is always searching for good roles that challenge her acting skills and good people to work with. She has acted in a new upcoming movie, titled 'Eye of a Psychiatric'. Elainee is also very interested in doing a reality TV show also, which will show people what she is really like in her everyday real life. There is no doubt that somebody as talented as Elainee, who sings, writes songs, acts and does a lot of charity work must be really busy all the time but she has always been able to take out the time to connect to her fans and followers through Facebook: and her Twitter:

Elainee has always worked extra hard to maintain the highest standard of all her work. Being an entertainer means that she has to constantly work but entertaining others is her passion and she has always loved reaching out to people through her work. People close to Elainee all agree that she is a kind and loving person who instantly attracts love, regard and praises of people wherever she is. Anyone who would listen to Elainee’s music will be able to recognize what a great person she really is, her music has a “feel good” vibe, full of warmth that is sure to win the hearts of her listeners.

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