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Elbert Construction Launches Efforts to Promote More Efficient Construction Materials

Indiana roofing company offers assistance in the battle against high energy bills


Evansville, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2014 -- Faced with mounting utility costs and rapid depletion of natural resources, the American public continues to focus on improving energy efficiency. According to statistics from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star Program, heating and cooling systems are the primary source of household energy consumption, accounting for up to 50 percent of total usage. While Energy Star certified climate control systems are said to be up to 30 percent more efficient than older model units, an estimated 40 percent of the energy used for heating and cooling is lost through inefficient siding and roofing materials.

With this in mind, T.J. Elbert of Elbert Construction, a Siding Contractor Evansville, has launched efforts to promote awareness of the latest, most energy efficient construction components on the market. Said Elbert, "Plenty of media coverage revolves around more efficient household appliances, but most of the savings provided by modern heating and air conditioning units are wasted if the home is not properly protected from the outside elements. Today's exterior construction materials offer a number of benefits that simply were not available to homeowners in years past."

Despite the defense various forms of insulation contribute to conservation efforts when placed strategically within walls, attics and basements, a portion of energy is still sacrificed through the home's roof beams and support studs, which make up at least a quarter of the exterior structure. Contemporary siding features sturdy insulation fully molded to the contours of the siding itself, creating an extra line of defense against the elements. Elbert noted cedar siding is among the most environmentally friendly products available and is less expensive than its synthetic counterparts.

Vinyl siding is another of the industry leaders, providing a more maintenance free alternative to other options. This type of material tends to trump the life expectancy of wood siding by a considerable margin, is highly resistant to termites and is immune to decay. James Hardie siding is currently the most popular product among homeowners. Accompanied by a 30-year limited product warranty from the manufacturer as well as a 5-year workmanship warranty from Elbert Construction, this siding offers the highest level of durability and efficiency. Though pricier than other varieties, James Hardie siding is lauded as being well worth the upfront investment.

The James Hardie product line extends to Roofing Evansville, which also features the superior appearance and durability characteristic of this manufacturer. Solar reflective roofing materials are rapidly gaining popularity with homeowners. Considered the largest exterior component of a home, much of the heating and cooling energy consumed escapes through less advanced materials. By reflecting solar energy, these products prevent conventional roof heat transfer; therefore, they aid in controlling the interior temperature of a home.

Elbert explained, "Modern roofing and siding extend the conservation benefits of Energy Star appliances, assisting in the battle against high energy bills. With the wide selection of colors and styles available, homeowners can enjoy both the aesthetic and efficiency advantages of these products. Keep in mind, though, maintenance is also an important factor. Routine inspections and prompt repair of any Storm Damage Evansville will help guarantee maximum efficiency and prolong the life of homeowner's investments."

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