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ElderCare Matters Retains Huge Member List and Comprehensive Archive of Articles and Interviews Concerning Elder Care Issues


Alpharetta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2011 -- ElderCare Matters, the nation’s most trusted website for geriatric care, has been getting a lot of attention lately from the elder care community.

Started by Phillip G. Sanders MBA, MSHA, CPA, Eldercarematters.com has become one of the central hubs for information and resources on caring for the elderly. The website boasts over 25,000 unique visitors per month and currently has a list of 1,500 members located throughout the United States.

For people who are faced with the issues of aging, finding reputable resources to help them deal with their questions can be a challenging task. Many websites on the internet have a vested interest in the advice and services that they provide, so finding an unbiased resource comes as a welcome relief to those who are seeking direction with their elder care needs.

“ElderCare Matters was designed to provide families with access to experts in all areas of elder care,” says Phillip G. Sanders. “Plus, you will find useful information and answers about a wide range of elder care matters provided by the members of the ElderCare Matters Alliance.”

The website offers access to the nation’s top elder care experts, attorneys, estate planning advisors, geriatric care managers, home care providers, assisted living communities and many other experts that are located throughout the United States.

It also hosts hundreds of informative articles, interviews, FAQs and other pertinent information that can help people plan for their family’s issues of aging.

Perhaps the most distinguishable aspect of the website is that it maintains a members list of geriatric professionals that pay a small monthly fee for their membership. This level of exclusivity shows the demand and reputation preceding ElderCare Matters, and it assures its visitors that they will be getting nothing but the best advice and resources when they visit the website.

“Members of our national ElderCare Matters Alliance are some of America's top elder care experts with long and successful careers working with seniors and their families,” says the website.

To learn more about ElderCare Matters through their website, or to peruse their archive of in-depth information, radio interviews, and articles, please visit: http://www.eldercarematters.com/

For those interested in learning more about Elder Care Matters directly, or even to speak to Phillip G. Sanders, they may either send their inquiries to: questions@eldercarematters.com or fill out the website’s easy to use online form.