ElderAuthority.com Announces Striking New 'Medicare Coverageat a Glance' Infographic for Seniors

Medicare is proving vital to many Americans, however, understanding how it works and what it covers is enough to make anyone cough and splutter. Wanting to end the confusion and provide vital Medicare information in one place, ElderAuthority.com today announces its new free online resource.


Minooka, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2012 -- Following much Hype, ElderAuthority.com is delighted to today announce its new 'Medicare Coverage at a Glance' infographic.

The site’s stunning new infographic furnishes users with a myriad of information from what Medicare actually is and who is eligible, right through to exactly which services each ‘Part’ entitles its holders.

The infographic’s content was researched and combined by Katherine Askew, a professional Eldercare Educator and Executive Director of the website.

“I probably get more questions that start with “Does Medicare cover…?” than anything else. This infographic is a list of the most common categories with short answers for each,” Askew explains.

In fact, the entire ElderAuthority.com website is awash with invaluable information to help people serve themselves when the ‘crisis’ of aging hits. Articles and resources are 100% free and written by some of the country’s most respected eldercare and senior wellness experts.

“We make every effort to share state-of-the-art intelligence about aging, health, housing, working, caregiving, financial planning (such as how to get a reverse mortgage or long-term care insurance), quality of life issues, best practices and challenges,” Askew adds.

The site is intuitively split into logical sections. Users can visit the site and simply enter a topic that represents the problem or issue they are facing. They will then find a number of related articles, videos and advice resources, all with instant access. No sign-up or membership is required and no personal information is ever requested.

While the site does cover the important end of life issues, Alzheimer’s and hospice care, the site’s team of contributing experts works diligently to keep all information upbeat and proactive.

For example, in a recent article, the site explains how the “Age Strong” campaign is working with younger and older generations to fight ageism through social media and humor. Taking this concept to the next level, the team at ElderAuthority.com encourages its users to come up with ‘better ideas for aging’.

“As our site continues to grow, we will keep encouraging our users to be social. This involves sharing their experiences with others, commenting on posts and evoking discussion through our various social media channels. We have learned that some of the best ideas come from amateur caregivers – and our ethos is based on sharing this knowledge, looking for better solutions and creating a better life for those of us who are lucky enough to grow old!” Askew concludes.

The site can be found online at: http://www.elderauthority.com

Updates and discussion can also be found at ElderAuthority’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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