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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- The only definite way to get ahead in the world is with knowledge. It's a proven fact that knowledge breeds opportunity and it's another fact that online education is a proven way to increase knowledge retention from between 25-60%. Corporations know this that is why 72% of companies recently surveyed report that eLearning keeps them on top of industry changes. That's why 77% of American corporations utilize online learning courses, employee retention. It's a fact that upwards of 23% of employees leave jobs due to lack of opportunity for development and further training. And the place for discounted online learning, offering over 3000 discounts and coupons on a wide variety of courses is OnlineLearningDiscount.com.

Elearning is not only a big business, but it is important, especially for companies which deal in using technology programs as technology is updated regularly and moves forward with an almost alarming speed and companies whose employees aren't schooled in the latest updates can lose out in the marketplace altogether. For instance, with the importance of Social Media to a business marking campaign a website that allows a company to quickly manage content is invaluable and so is a course such as How to Create a Professional 5 Page Website with Joomla - a 50-75% OFF Udemy Coupons Deal.

OnlineLearningCoupons.com is simple to use. Users can go to the site and shop for over 3000 varied eLearning programs covering a wide array of subjects from technology to Yoga. Courses are even offered in languages other than English, fabulous for non-native speakers and with the Pan-Asian market making up the fastest growing segment of eLearners.

Entrepreneurs are guaranteed marketing success and the ability to keep pace with larger companies with onlineLearningDiscount.com while keeping under budget. The discounts offered make it possible to learn while they earn.

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