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Bratislava, Slovakia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Creators of the consumer guide “Electric Car Conversion Made Easy” have announced trends in the technology are making it simpler than ever for motorists to make the environmentally and financially cheaper move to using electric power for their vehicles. According to the site, which provides a promotional summary of the course, purchasing a factory built electric car is no longer necessary (as well as being too expensive for most consumers), whereas efficient conversion techniques have now made it easy for almost anyone interested in doing so to quickly replace their car’s traditional gas powered system with an electrical one.

Besides ease and cost issues involved in electric car conversion, one of the main sticking points to making the electrical vehicle (or EV) more assessable to the mass public has been improving the typical driving range and recharge time specifications. “The uninitiated believe all cars must replicate the 300-plus mile range and 10 minute refueling times of gasoline cars,” according to EV industry observer David Herron. “EV owners can explain the difference between perceived needs and real needs. In reality, the 70 to 80 mile range of an electric car is enough for all but the longest road trips.” reports that developments in the battery technology at the heart of an electrical conversion has advanced to the point where well above average daily mile ranges can be achieved for most vehicles following electric car conversion. The site also reports details on large number of additional time-saving and cost-cutting measures that make the conversion an increasingly attractive option for motorists. The courses supplemented by additional bonus tutorials and videos that explain DIY concepts involved in converting to electric, including how to source by install the best lithium-based batteries to extend the EV’s range.

About website provides testimonials from many enthusiastic supporters who have benefited from completing electric car conversion. These consumers confirm that the technology is gaining more converts, due to the breakthroughs in easing the conversion process that have eliminated the traditional barriers to making the transition to EV technology. also expects movement towards electric to accelerate as more people become environmentally conscious, or as gas prices potentially explode over an extended period due to economical or geopolitical factors. The site’s EV course also covers a number of tax credits and rebates available for interested consumers that will additionally reduce the cost of the conversion.

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