Electric Chainsaw Market to Undertake Strapping Growth During 2018 to 2028


Rockville, MD 20852, United States -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2018 -- The demand within the global market for electric chainsaw has been rising on account of industrial needs for cutting, pruning, and trimming of wood-based materials. Electric chainsaws have exhibited commendable prowess in cutting through weeds, unwanted vegetation, and small trees. This has led to increased demand within the global market for chainsaw and has given a playground for growth to the market vendors. Electric chainsaws are also used for domestic purposes such as cutting of obsolete tools, minor furnishings, and other primitive equipment.

The growth graph of the global market for electric chainsaw has been tracing an ascending trajectory due to continual expansion of the construction industry. Clearing of bushes, small trees, and other types of flora involves the use of electric chainsaws, and this creates demand within the global market. Furthermore, the manufacture of wood furnishings and showpieces also involves the use of electric chainsaw. It is safe to estimate that the demand within the global electric chainsaw market would touch new heights as key advantages such as portability, less power consumption, and affordable price come to the fore of attention. The market for electric chainsaw in North America is projected to outdo all other regional segments, majorly due to the sophisticated nature of the industrial sector in the region.

Population Growth & Construction Projects to Broaden the Scope of Growth for Electric Chainsaw Market

Educational, commercial, and healthcare institutions are diverting a section of their investments towards the maintenance of gardens. As gardens offer a healing experience to the patients, students, and other individuals, leading companies, commercial complexes, and residential complexes are accommodating their incomes towards the maintenance of gardens and their surrounding areas. Growing need to maintain gardens and the surrounding areas to prevent the formation of beehives and animal domestication has led to a surge in adoption of the electric chainsaws globally.

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Further, population growth in various countries has led the government to implement construction targets in the barren lands and forest areas. According to a research conducted by the United Nations, the global population is expected to reach 9.7 billion by the end of 2050. Increase global population during the forthcoming years is expected to intensify demand for the electric chainsaws in the construction industry for cutting trees and collecting woods.

Manufacturers to Equip Electric Chainsaws with Innovative Motor Technologies and Li Batteries for Enhanced Customer Experience and Convenience

With the growing need to allocate citizens in various countries, build commercial complexes, and maintain gardens, leading manufacturers are focusing on developing electric chainsaws specific to the requirements of end-users. To offer improved experience as compared to the gas chainsaws, major manufacturers such as Ruris, BM Power, STIHL and Johnson Electric are concentrating on incorporating innovative technological features in a range of electric chainsaw equipment.

For instance, Johnson Electric is focused on diversifying their product line with the incorporation of the DC, AC, and EC motor technologies. The company is focusing on developing a range of electric chainsaws central to various requirements of the end-user industries. Also, Ruris is focusing on powering a range of its electric chainsaws with the Li battery. With the incorporation of the Li batteries, the company is concentrating on offering a cost-effective alternative to the fuel and gas-powered chainsaws.

Incorporation of Ergonomic Designs, Rubberized Handle Grip, Improved Power Capacity to Craft Novel Growth Opportunities for Leading Companies

In order to increase their customer touch point and sustain their lead in the competitive market, leading companies are focusing on integrating smart and advanced features in the electric chainsaws. For instance, a leading manufacturer, STIHL is mainly focused on developing strong electric chainsaws equipped with carbon brushes and durable gearboxes to offer extended lifespan. In addition, the company is also concentrating on incorporating innovative ergonomic designs and shapes to offer convenience in use for the end users.

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In addition, major manufacturers such as Johnson Electric is concentrating on incorporating low operating noise features along with rubberized handle grip to offer better handling features and prevent any accidents while using this equipment. Besides these features, the leading companies are focusing on broadening the scope of their innovation to offer improved application, convenience, and speed. To speed up the application process. Major manufacturers are accommodating the electric chainsaws with 15 amp motors to offer efficient and accurate trimming and cutting process with a chain speed of 2,900 FPM.

Strategic Partnerships and Product Innovation: Key Companies to Focus on Broadening Product Line and Improving Brand Recognition

To improve their position in the competitive market, leading companies are focusing on engaging in strategic partnerships and product launches. Through offering application-specific and innovative products, major manufacturers are concentrating on improving their brand identity in the market. For instance, leading brand STIHL has partnered with FANUC, which is a leader in factory automation technology. Through this partnership, the companies are focusing on unleashing novel growth avenues with the launch of 'Collaborative Robot' to offer convenience to the employees in the cut-off saw packaging line.

Also, prominent manufacturer, AL-KO is mainly focused towards developing novel equipment for gardening and interior construction applications. The company is concentrating on developing a range of innovative electric chainsaw that operates on the electric motor with enhanced power capacity. In addition, the company is equipping these electric chainsaws with slim designs, overload protection features, and low exhaust fumes to offer uninterrupted, convenient, and safe services to the end users.

Johnson Electric, STIHL, Ruris, AL-KO, and BM Power are some of the prominent manufacturers identified in the global electric chainsaw market.

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