“Electric Dog Fence” Raising the Eyebrows of Dog Owners With Their Line of Highly Effective Indoor Electric Fences


Palm Bay, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2011 -- In response to the recent demand for effective indoor dog fences, is announcing their line of highly effective electric dog fences that users are calling: “the most convenient way to keep dogs out of certain parts of the house without needing gates.”

For most dog owners, having a pet is one of the most fulfilling parts of their lives. But aside from all the positives that having a dog brings, there are a certain amount of negatives as well. Pet owners are usually Homeowners first, and things like dirty paw prints, hair, and scratches on furniture can be enough to ruin a potentially loving relationship with a pet.

In the past, certain alternatives were released onto the market that made it possible to keep dogs in a given area. Baby doors, fences, and other contraptions have always been popular with dog owners, but they were just as effective for fencing in the homeowner as they were for fencing in their dog. Stepping over a 3-foot high fence as they move through the house is enough to aggravate any pet owner, not to mention the damage fences do to walls from being pinned in between door frames for extended periods of time.

In response to the need for convenient indoor fencing alternatives, Electricdogfence is proud to announce their line of wireless indoor fences that keep dogs in certain areas without any of the hassle of other forms of indoor fencing.

The system utilizes a module that works in conjunction with a small collar placed on the dog. When the dog approaches the pre-determined barrier the collar will let off a small, harmless beeping noise that warns them to stay back. If the dog continues towards the barrier they will be given a mild correction from the collar. Studies have shown that the indoor fence has a 99.4% success rating and is 100% safe for dogs of any size or breed.

According to past users, set up is easy. The indoor fence unit is simply placed at or near the chosen barrier (such as a door or threshold of a room), the distance is set, and just like that, a dog will stay within the chosen space. For those who already own outdoor dog fence the dog fence collar can be used in conjunction with their new indoor system.

All wireless indoor pet barriers come with easy to follow instructions that take the user through each step of the installation process. As with all their products, purchases of indoor electric dog fences come with access to Electric Dog Fence’s highly trained team of professional technicians.

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