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Electric-Powered Cars, Answer to Transportation Pollution


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2014 -- Many car manufacturers are looking at producing electric or battery-operated cars that minimize the impact of transportation to pollution. Electricity-powered vehicle is the closest one can get towards the zero-emission and pollution free transportation desired by environmentalists and concerned citizens.

Transportation has always been one of the great sources of pollution and global warming—a problem that is common to many countries. This is largely attributable to the fact that most cars have combustion engines and use petroleum for fuel. Such result has caused many environmentalists and concerned citizens to call for actions to minimize the pollution caused by transportation.

The history of electrical cars can be traced as far back as 1987 when Paul MacCready, an inventor of flying machines, invented a solar-powered car called Sunraycer for General Motors. Sunraycer joined the first Solar Challenge across Australia and won. It was followed by a prototype called Impact also designed for MacCready for General Motors, which led to General Motors release of the electric-powered sports car EV1. After the EV1, other car companies joined the move for production of electric powered-cars.

However, the inefficiency of electric cars hindered its ability to compete in the market. First, to run, the car has to have batteries to store the needed electricity for running. The problem with this is that the heavy batteries burden the car and make it difficult to climb slopes and to carry heavy objects. Also, the energy contained in the battery cannot run as far as a conventional car can. After running a hundred miles or so, it will have to be recharged again for approximately six hours. This feature makes it unusable for long trips. Because of this, electric-powered cars are usually only usable for people who travel short distance everyday. Also, the costs of the technology for producing and charging electric cars can be very expensive.

This is the reason why conventional cars are still being produced by manufacturers and supported by consumers. Nathan Cook, one of the most established used car dealers in Houston, attest that consumers and motorists may not be ready for eco-friendly cars and are still used to getting conventional models.

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