Electrical Stimulation Therapy Announce the Launch of the Site's TENS and Electrotherapy Guide for Pain Sufferers Seeking Natural Relief

The site, at http://ElectricalStimulationTherapy.com, includes essential information, a comparison chart and reviews to help select the most suitable TENS unit based on an individual’s particular needs


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2014 -- A new website focusing on TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) therapy, ElectricalStimulationTherapy.com, has just been launched to provide pain sufferers with a straightforward comparison of the best TENS units available online. The site’s guide and comparison chart have been created to help those suffering with debilitating pain find the TENS unit most suited to their particular needs and requirements.

“I’ve been suffering with chronic back pain myself for years and tried all sorts of treatments and medications. I just couldn’t alleviate the pain. More recently, I discovered TENS therapy and I haven’t looked back since,” says Maria Lopez, founder of ElectricalStimulationTherapy.com. “If you are a long time chronic pain sufferer, like myself or simply new to the world of managing pain on a daily basis you already know one thing… taking pills constantly just isn’t an option. TENS therapy actually helps the body to produce more endorphins (pain-relieving hormones), which block the pain.”

Maria started ElectricalStimulationTherapy.com to help people find the right TENS unit. “Not everybody knows where to start and which device they should go for. That’s why the site also includes a section outlining how to choose the right TENS unit.” With essential information, resources and guides for anybody who wants to purchase a TENS unit, the ElectricalStimulationTherapy.com includes an interactive comparison chart that allows people to compare TENS units against each other.

“The TENS unit guide is an interactive chart containing a number of the most popular TENS units, where you can see them all together, in the same place,” says Maria. “Plus, you can sort the devices by features, ratings, power source, price range and product name.”

Maria also points out that ElectricalStimulationTherapy.com provides information about electric muscle stimulators (EMS) and TENS/EMS combination devices. “Some people mistakenly believe that the TENS unit and the EMS unit do the same thing. That’s not the case though. The TENS unit is for acute pain and chronic pain relief. The unit does not cause a muscle contraction.”

For more information, please visit http://ElectricalStimulationTherapy.com and take advantage of the numerous to help establish which is the most suitable TENS unit for your pain management needs.

About ElectricalStimulationTherapy.com
ElectricalStimulationTherapy.com provides a guide for those researching transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy or electronic muscle stimulation (EMS). The site is home to a collection of invaluable resources and information about these two types of electrotherapy and features an interactive chart, containing a number of TENS units, enabling people to compare them.