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ElectricCigaretteTree.com Offers Discount Coupons and Publishes Ratings of Top E-Cigarettes for 2013


Sunrise, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- ElectricCigaretteTree.com, a provider of reviews on various electronic cigarettes, is offering discount coupon codes for many popular e-cigarette brands. The company that publishes extensive information on electric cigarettes has also rated the possible top e-cigarette brands for 2013. These top brands are based on the previous year’s performance and consumer feedbacks.

Electric cigarettes are quickly becoming the most popular alternatives to cigarette smoking, stated Electric Cigarette Tree. The company further stated that the electric cigarettes also known as vapor cigarettes have gained success due to the same feeling they give as related to normal tar based cigarettes. The need for holding a cigarette and feeling it on the lips is also associated with the regular fix of smokers which is fulfilled by e-cigs as well, informed Electric Cigarette Tree. As for how do electric cigarettes work, extensive information on the mechanism of the device is available on the company’s website. In short the company informs that the mechanism involves vaporization of nicotine solution in varying strengths which stimulates the sensation of smoking regular tobacco cigarettes.

The ratings of top e-cigarettes provided by Electric Cigarette Tree are majorly based on the satisfaction of the customers. The company stated that since there are many companies that are trying to launch this comparatively new product, the competition is quite tight and only few e-cig providers have managed to shine so far. The top honors have gone to v2 cigs electronic cigarette, which is of no surprise as many people have raved about the company’s products. V2 cigs have concentrated on providing the closest sensation to smoking real cigarettes, there vapor quality is thick and superior to other products, informed Electric Cigarette Tree. Further highly rated providers are Bull Smoke and Green Smoke. Discount coupon codes for all top 3 e-cig providers, is available on the company’s website.

Despite V2 cigs dominating the electric cigarette industry, Electric Cigarette Tree suggests that prospects research the various providers and select the one that is most appropriate for them. The company also has an electronic cigarette guide to help new e-cig buyers reach a decision. A calculator is also available on the site to approximate the savings that could be made when switching to e-cigs.

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