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Electricians Test Equipment: A Whole New Range of Requisite Equipment for Circuit

Test equipment is essential for ensuring the proper and smooth functioning of the electrical circuits. The testing instruments are of many types and measure the different entities of the electrical circuit such as current, voltage, resistance and capacitance. The electricians test equipment of higher configuration create signal and record the responses from the electronic devices under test.


Brighouse, West Yorkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2015 -- Explore The Characteristics Of Electricians Test Equipment For Their Perfect Usage

As per the Bureau of Labour Statistics, 163 workers died from the injuries caused by coming in contact with electrical current in the year 2010. A survey conducted by the same source reveals that almost 76 people died from malfunctioning of overhead power lines in the same year. According to the NFPA's report by John R. Hall, Jr. that was issued in the 2013, around 47,7,000 home structures caught fire due to electrical failure and malfunction. These fires resulted in almost 418 civilian deaths, 1570 civilian injuries and a loss of almost $1.4 billion due to the direct property damage. Another study by the professionals of NFPA confirms that during time period of 2007-2011,13% of the home structure fires took place due to the malfunctioning of the electrical devices which accounted for 11% of the civilian injuries, 18% of the deaths and 20% of the direct property damage.

To avoid the chances of such scenario in the future, VFM Meters has launched a wide plethora of electricians test equipment. These testing tools include:

Fluke 1653B Multifunction Electrical Tester With Memory: This tester is the most suitable for the busy electricians. The multifunction tester of 1650B series allows an electrician to conduct the test and record the results in the most reliable and safe manner.

Fluke - 1651B Multifunction Installation Electrical Tester: This type of the multifunction tester is ideal for the part P and the domestic installers. These testing equipment verify the safety of electrical installations in the domestic, industrial and commercial application. This testing tool is rugged enough to the withstand the drop of even 1m.

Fluke 424D Laser Distance Meter with 100M Distance Range: This testing equipment is finding its place in the toolbox of every electrician because of its ability to produce accurate and error free measurements. This measuring instrument can measure distance up to 100 m that is 330ft. The corner angle feature of this instrument enables the electrician to determine the angle of the corner also. This testing equipment is equipped with audible keypad feedback. This instrument is supplied with a battery life of almost 5000 measurements and an auto shut-off feature.

Aegis CZ200445 Cable Gauge Multifunction Cable Meter: This electrician test equipment is used for detecting faults in the running cable structures. To determine the location of flaw, the cable meter transmits an electrical pulse. This pulse is reflected back to the source on accounting a discontinuity. The time between the pulse and reflection is recorded and this measurement is converted to distance using the normal velocity propagation principle.

These testing tools are requisites for checking a circuit and carry out the production testing.

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VFM Meters is a UK based company. The company is an authorised dealer of electrical testing tools. They supply testing equipment to government bodies like NHS councils, schools, colleges and laboratories. To know more about these testing meters please call 0844 822 5790 or visit vfmmeters.co.uk