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Electrical safety testing has been around for almost a century. Electricians Test Equipment and electronic products have changed dramatically over the years. They now require the safety standards to evolve and accommodate the changes in technology.


Brighouse, West Yorkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2015 -- A basic principle behind the philosophy of electrical safety is that in the event of a single abnormal external condition arising, or in case of failure of protection against a hazard; no safety issue should arise. Such conditions are called single fault conditions. They include such situations as the interruption of the protective earth conductor or failure of basic insulation of temperature limiting devices. Many electrical safety tests are carried out under various single fault conditions in order to verify that there is no hazard even if these conditions occur in practice. It is often the case that single fault conditions represent the worst case and will give the most adverse results.

Not all consumers and manufacturers fully understand the reasons for and importance of proper electrical safety testing. Shock hazards vary in severity and range from a tingling sensation to a lethal jolt. Identifying, correcting, and eliminating shock hazards are the primary reasons for electrical safety testing. Electricians Test Equipment now days have to be designed keeping the current scenario in mind. Using latest technology is a must because old school equipments will fail to give proper reliable readings and are definitely not safe anymore.

Why do we need Electricians Test Equipment?

The obvious answer is consumer and operator protection from shock hazards. Shock hazards exist when a voltage and current are accessible to the operator with respect to earth ground. Many types of consumer electronics are battery powered and operate at safety extra-low voltages which are not considered a shock hazard to the consumer. However, the chargers of these equipments need to be plugged into wall sockets which have current flowing through it and can prove to be dangerous. They need electricians test equipment to test electrical safety compliance before being used.

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