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ElectroMenu Announces Digital Menus for the Restaurant Industry


Garnet Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2012 -- ElectroMenu has announced their digital menus, which are readily available for the restaurant industry. The design company of Garnett Valley is pleased to offer menu capabilities to restaurant owners, grocery stores, retail stores, convenience stores, etc. They are a great way to improve the overall experience by bringing high quality images that will lead to higher conversions.

By being able to see visuals and vivid images can strongly influence consumers. With these high definition design solutions, those in the restaurant industry can create their digital menus to be seasonal or whatever is available at certain times of the day.

They are extremely cost effective and very easy to maintain. The electronic menu boards minimize printing costs and don’t have to be taken down for restaurants that offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. They can be programmed to change at specific times, change prices, promotions and even provide nutritional information.

About ElectroMenu
ElectroMenu is the answer for all of one’ digital menu, marketing and advertising needs. They help move businesses into tomorrow, today. With stunning graphics and ease of use, highlight the many features that ElectroMenu brings to the table. They are able to decrease labor costs, printing costs and eliminate missed sales and opportunities.

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