Electromenu Announces Proven Results That Digital Menus Increase Sales


Garnet Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2012 -- When it comes to the restaurant industry, bars, hotels, or convenience store owners will do anything to boost sales. However, business owners who can’t stand to waste money on print need not worry because Electromenu’s electronic display boards have recently been proven to increase sales by above 25%. Without having to push advertisements or in your face displays, one can take advantage of a new digital menu in a place of business to simply do all the work.

Digital menus have the ability to increase the sales by promoting certain packages or specials for the customer to see that is very eye catching. Having photos or traditional menus displayed simply showed what the business offered and what a person can choose, but with electronic display boards they can exhibit a delicious and more enticing meal. It not only eliminates the need for reading, but with a slow changing screen allows business owners to display more items then ever before. The restaurant menu software from Electromenu provides a much cleaner look that can increase sales because customers are not overwhelmed by thousands of small displayed words.

Electromenu is proud to provide beautiful electronic display boards that help businesses increase sales and add a contemporary style to the restaurant. Without having to revamp an entire space a simple new electronic menu will show customers their favorite place to dine is up on the latest technology. They allow combinations and promotion packages to be easily created, which can entice buyers to upgrade their purchase, therefore leading to higher sales. By displaying limited time offers, they can also have an affect on the buyer, making them want to purchase new or time sensitive deals so they don’t miss out, also resulting in increased sales. With increased communication from the bright, eye catching displays will help sales skyrocket.

About Electromenu
Electromenu provides a solution for businesses that are looking to market and advertise on a digital menu board. With this technology, they help businesses increase sales leading them to success. They are simplistic and very user-friendly portraying beautiful vivid graphics that highlight current specials and features that are offered. With digital menus, printing costs are then diminished resulting in more saving and increased sales opportunities.

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