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ElectroMenu Now Offers Digital Menus for Individual Needs

Digital Menu provides you the Digital Menu Board with full Features to Benefit in your business with variety of promotional factors. Use Digital Menu Boards giving digital menus unlimited up-selling and suggestive selling opportunities


Garnet Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2012 -- ElectroMenu is now providing specific digital menu boards for anyone’s individual needs or styles. They have the ability to transform a business’s static menu into dynamic displays. These menus will also be able to attract customers, and will allow for frequent flexibility when it comes time to change menu boards.

Their digital menus make it easy to design a menu to meet anyone’s specific taste, and are also an extremely reliable product. The best part about ElectroMenu’s electronic menu boards is that they have been proven to increase walk-in purchases by 10%. With their flexibility, restaurant owners will have the ability to change menu items, prices, and promotions in a faster and more efficient matter.

With traditional menu’s, they require rotation depending on different menu’s throughout the day. If items are no longer available, ElectroMenu’s digital menu boards make it easy to take them off the display. With these menu’s, one can design it to their specific taste, creating a vivid, animated presentation of all the products and promotions.

This restaurant menu software is ideal for exquisite looking digital menus for restaurants or for advertising events, which can be created in minutes. These attractive, eye catching images can also influence customers to purchase, therefore increasing sales. ElectroMenu’s digital menu boards will also allow for anyone to create a unique design that represents their brand image.

About ElectroMenu
ElectroMenu is the answer to anyone’s digital menu, marketing, and advertising needs. They help move businesses into tomorrow, today. With ElectroMenu, a person will be able to decrease labor costs, printing costs, as well as have the possibility of eliminating missed sales and opportunities.

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