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Electronic Cigarette Company JoyeCig Now Selling JoyeTech eCab Changeable Atomizer Battery Kits


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2012 -- JoyeCig, a company that features JoyeTech electronic cigarettes, has just added another product to its inventory.

JoyeCig recently began selling the JoyeTech eCab Changeable Atomizer Battery Kits. The battery is an easier and more convenient version of New Tank Changeable System Electronic Cigarette.

The JoyeCig company, which also recently launched a new website, sells a wide variety of the JoyeTech line of electronic cigarettes and accessories. Over the past several years, this form of cigarette has helped many users to quit smoking.

According to a review of the product, due to the design and structure of the eGo series electronic cigarette, the JoyeTech eCab is slimmer and prettier than the eGo or eGo-C.

As a bonus, the eCab not only keeps the changeable atomizer, but it also features a changeable battery. The new battery structure offers users the ability to take out and replace the rechargeable battery while using the electronic cigarettes. With the new battery application, people can inspect and quickly change the eCab atomizer head and battery at any time they want. The battery kits lasts for over 150 standard puffs, and charging takes about two hours.

According to an article on JoyeCig’s new website—which is in Hebrew but translates easily into English and other languages with the click of a button—customers will receive only the highest quality and safest electronic cigarettes and accessories on the market today. In addition, people who use electronic cigarettes do not have to worry about toxic substances, chronic cough and other health issues that are often associated with traditional cigarettes.

The website also lists interesting facts about electronic cigarettes, including how they feel like a real cigarette, they are allowed in many public places, the smoke that is emitted is not harmful to the environment, and they come in a wide variety of different models and flavors.

“We are engaged in marketing the highest quality electronic cigarettes by the International Society JoyeTech brand,” an article on the website noted, adding that the JoyeCig company offers efficient service, quick delivery and reasonable prices.

“Only in JoyeCig, you can get the advanced electronic cigarette and quality from JoyeTech that realizes the common goal of cleaner air and lungs.”

About JoyeCig
JoyeCig is official worldwide distributor of JoyeTech electronic cigarettes. The company has just launched a new website, which provides a lot of useful information for its customers about products and innovations in the electronic cigarettes area. For more information, please visit http://www.joyecig.co.il