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Electronic Cigarette Review Website Features Unbiased Reviews of the Top 5 Brands of E-Cigs


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2012 -- Over the past several years, electronic cigarettes have rapidly gained in popularity. Also known as e-cigs, this tobacco-free form of cigarette is quickly gaining momentum as a healthier alternative to traditional smoking.

Although many people would like to try electronic cigarettes, it can be difficult to know which brands are best.

A website has been creating quite a buzz lately for its in-depth and unbiased reviews of many of the brands of e-cigs that are currently on the market.

Top Electronic Cigarette Review provides expert, unbiased reviews of the Top 5 electronic cigarette brands for 2012. The reviews are written by veteran, e-cig aficionados as well as Steve Miller, a former tobacco smoker who is also proprietor of the website.

“Our electronic cigarette review is the result of our own effort to find the best electronic cigarette for ourselves,” Miller wrote, adding that he and the others personally test each brand that they recommend and provide unique, reliable, expert and unbiased reviews on both the e-cigs as well as the batteries.

Miller said that all of the content, pictures, videos and recommendations found on his website are trustworthy and based on years of experience.

“E cigarettes are a remarkable technology that is growing in popularity. We have helped many friends and family switch from tobacco to electric and our goal is to help people be better informed to choose the best electronic cigarettes out there.”

As Miller noted, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of electronic cigarettes as an effective smoking alternative. Sales continue to increase with their growing popularity and they are even now appearing on store shelves.

In addition, e-cig technology has improved remarkably in the last two years, with new powerful, long lasting lithium batteries and two-part systems. Flavor cartridges even taste more like popular brands of cigarettes like Marlboro and Camel, Miller said.

As a result of the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes, Top Electronic Cigarette Review is also steadily gaining in visitors who visit the site regularly to read the reputable electronic cigarette reviews. The site also features educational articles that help explain the safety of e-cigs, how they work, and the best ways to go about quitting smoking.

About Top Electronic Cigarette Review
Top Electronic Cigarette Review is a website that is devoted to offering people with in-depth, unbiased and helpful reviews of five of the most popular brands of electronic cigarettes. The website also features educational articles that help explain what e-cigs are, how they work, and how and why they are preferable to traditional tobacco cigarettes. For more information, please visit http://topelectroniccigarettereview.com