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Electronic Cigarette Review Website Wheretheressmoke.net Compiles E Cigarette Top Ten List


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2011 -- The Electronic Cigarette review Website Wheretheressmoke.net has just unveiled its compiled list of the top ten electronic cigarette brands on the market. The Website’s expert review panel analyzed more than 10,000 customer feedback responses to compile the list.

As millions of smokers undertake the process to switch from tobacco to an e cigarette, many are unaware of how to assess the best brands available. To aid in their search, the Website Wheretheressmoke.net has brought together an expert panel of smokers and smoking therapists to review more than 10,000 responses from electronic cigarette smokers.

After reviewing the customer feedback and conducting a battery of intensive tests on each product, the expert panel provided unbiased ratings for every E-cigarette brand. The electronic cigarette reviews include information on the manufacturer, a thorough review, costs of starter kits, a link to the manufacturer’s Website and the reasons for their ranking among the top ten.

Criteria includes taste and flavor options, cost, drawing ability, brand customer service, guarantees and warranties, battery, cartridge, charger, accessories and other customization and design options. “We looked at all of the criteria that are important to former tobacco smokers and current electronic cigarette smokers so that readers can make an informed decision,” said a Website representative.

The top ten list ranges from brands that include the oldest E-cigarette on the market to several that have been introduced in the last year to six months. From number one to number ten, the brands include V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke, Premium E-Cigarette, the Safe Cig, Green Smoke, White Cloud, The Smoke Tip, Electronic Cigarettes Inc., eSmoke and Vapouriz. “The panel and the customer feedback voted V2 Cigs as America’s leading electronic cigarette brand because there wasn’t a single consumer complaint regarding taste, quality of ingredients or customer service,” said the representative.

The Website also includes the top reasons why everyday smokers switched to electronic cigarettes and a number of blog posts with news about smoking from around the world. A savings calculator lets smokers calculate their potential yearly savings in a switch from tobacco cigarettes to E-cigarettes. “We encourage readers to give us feedback as the Website is an ongoing endeavor to constantly reevaluate the brands and analyze any new brands that enter the market,” said the representative.

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About Wheretheressmoke.net
Wheretheressmoke.net is an E-cigarette review Website that provides information on the top ten E-cigarettes on the market. The Website’s list and information was compiled by a panel of experts comprised of expert smokers and smoking therapists. Its purpose is to ensure that electronic cigarette customers across the globe are provided with the latest and the most comprehensive information pertaining to the top electronic cigarette brands.