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Electronic Cigarette Reviews Site "the Smoking Section" Adds More Detailed Reviews


Del Mar, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2012 -- The Smoking Section, a website dedicated to honest e-cigarette reviews, has announced the addition of new and detailed evaluations of more electronic cigarette brands including South Beach Smoke, Chase Cigs, and Ozone Smoke.

Electronic cigarettes are battery operated devices that emit non-nicotine vaporized solutions that have slowly been gaining popularity with smokers—mainly because they provide a similar experience to smoking actual cigarettes. An atomizer within the “cigarette” heats up an e-liquid—sometimes nicotine—solution, creating a vapor that resembles cigarette smoke. E-liquid comes in a variety of flavors so that electronic cigarette users can become creative with the solutions they use.

The Smoking Section, best known for its top quality reviews, provides readers with an honest look at the pros and cons of popular electronic cigarette brands. The site’s content is geared towards people seeking the best electronic cigarette on the market or who are looking to buy electronic cigarettes. The Smoking Section features electronic cigarette reviews of e-cigarette brands with varying levels of nicotine, or with no nicotine.

The Smoking Section’s newest e-cigarette reviews for South Beach Smoke, Chase Cigs, and Ozone Smoke have been popular with readers thus far, just as past evaluations have been. The three brands have been praised by their reviewers—each have an overall rating between four and five stars. South Beach Smoke, Chase Cigs, and Ozone Smoke rank third, eighth, and twelfth respectively on the list of most favored cigarettes featured on The Smoking Section. It’s the first time in months that a new e-cig has cracked the top three rankings.

Each review on the site follows a specific format: a quick summary, an engaging product description where the author specifies the pros and cons of the electronic cigarette brand, and the price of the item. The Smoking Section completes their reviews by providing ratings out of five stars in several categories—overall, satisfaction, appearance, convenience, technology, features, and price—for each product.

Readers of The Smoking Section also enjoy discounts on their favorite e-cigarette brands. Some electronic cigarette companies offer specials on their products, which The Smoking Section displays on the website for their readers.

Each review on The Smoking Section is written by an e-cigarette user who has tested the product for at least a week. The Smoking Section welcomes any questions that readers may have about the products featured in their reviews.

About The Smoking Section
The Smoking Section is known for its honest and straightforward reviews of e-cigarettes. Created by a panel of unbiased electronic cigarette users, each review featured on The Smoking Section is written by an author who gives their honest opinion of the product. For more information, please visit http://smokingsection.com