Electronic Cigarette UK - a New Alternative to Smoking

E-cigarette is a brand new technology and a healthy


Worcester, West Midlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- E-cigarette is a brand new technology and a healthy alternative to smoking tobacco, being supplied by SEC e-cigarette. While tobacco products are presently getting banned in UK and around the world, E-cigarette allows smokers to access nicotine devoid of any harmful chemicals or side effects of tobacco smoke. As there is no smoke produced, the e-cigarette can be used even in places where tobacco products are banned.

The local suppliers of Electronic Cigarette UK products,, claim that the starter kits are sold at attractive and competitive prices. The company admits to have cut corners by avoiding a middle man and directly supplying customers with E-cigarette UK products at wholesale prices. Apparently, the suppliers intend to bring in some healthy changes to people’s smoking habits. Nicotine addiction and tobacco-related cancer are supposedly the worst pathological conditions affecting chronic smokers. Reportedly, E-Cigarette products impart the same feeling to the user, as a normal cigarette would, sans the unhealthy side effects.

The products can be purchased from directly. The website offers 1 year warranty for all their products including the chargers. Skeptical users may contact them with their queries and the suppliers promise a quick reply for all kinds of doubts regarding their products. “The e-cigarette UK products are scientifically proven to reduce smoking addiction and offers the best value for your hard-earned money”, as affirmed by the company. The orders placed by the customers in the website are send off to the destinations via Recorded First Class delivery of the Royal Mail. This means the customers can get their purchases in one piece, and as fast as possible. Orders are dispatched on the same day they are placed. “Why wait for so long when you can make a lifelong change in your health and wallet now?” asks a company official while also revealing the fact that many celebrities have started using E-cigarette UK products and have given positive feedback.

E-Cigarette and its accessories also come with discounts as well. To know more about the products, accessories, offers and discounts, visit their website .

About is a UK based website that specializes in selling E-Cigarette UK products, with price tags rivaling that of their competitors. They promise to deliver goods in a short span of time, once the orders have been placed. Offering healthy alternatives to smoking, their products seemingly have all the advantages of an ordinary cigarette and none of the drawbacks.