V2 Cigs Rated the Best Electronic Cigarette Brand for 2011

V2 Cigs electronic cigarette has been voted as the best electronic cigarette brand for the year 2011.


California, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2011 -- The V2 Cigs electronic cigarette brand has been voted as America’s most popular brand for the year 2011. This rating was provided to the V2 brand by millions of happy individuals who have used its products in the past. Most users were of the opinion that the Starter Kits manufactured here were simply the best in the business. Not only were they affordably priced, most e cig Starter Kits manufactured by the V2 brand had all the ingredients which smokers required to ensure that they always experienced a thrilling and a fulfilling smoking extravaganza.

Besides being free from tar, odor and ash, the electric cigarettes manufactured by V2Cigs have the thickest vapor in the business. This implies that the quality of smoke enjoyed by a smoker here is undoubtedly better than the quality of smoke which any other leading electric cigarette brand has managed to provide. This fact has been proven and certified through the means of numerous customer feedbacks, which in the case of V2 Cig, have always ended in a positive note. While a few top brands may disagree with this statement, the fact remains that in such a scenario, customer feedback is considered to be above all proofs.

Another reason why people simply love to smoke the V2 brand is because over here, the end user has the privilege to select the nicotine levels in their cartridges. In case smokers prefer a mild “nicotine hit”, then they may opt for a zero milligram refill cartridge. On the other hand, if a particular section of smokers prefer experiencing strong “nicotine hit”, then they always have the distinct privilege of opting for the full strength nicotine flavored cartridge, which is fortified with twenty four milligrams of nicotine.

The diversity of nicotine strengths allows smokers to enjoy smoking the V2 e cig as per their own discretion. In fact, the company permits smokers to choose their own nicotine levels while ordering a set of five or twenty packs. The V2 Custom Cartridge is a classic example of such a scenario. Last but not the least, the V2 brand of e cigarettes has always maintained its customer support standards in a bid to ensure that their consumers are always kept happy and their problems resolved in a jiffy.

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