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IECMA Tells Dealers How to Pick Electronic Cigarettes


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- On July 21, 2012, IECMA (International Electronic Cigarettes Manufacturers Association) made a speech on hot selling electronic cigarettes in the run-up to the Olympics, to offer helps for dealers on how to distinguish good electronic cigarettes from counterfeit and shoddy ones.

Since 2007, the British government has published smoking bans, which are stricter in 2012 that all the hypermarkets and malls are prohibited to display tobacco products like cigarettes. Now it's less than a week from the opening of the Olympic Games. Most athletes and audiences from all over the world have already arrived in London, and electronic cigarettes are popular than ever before. The large quantities of electronic cigarettes purchased from China have been carried to London on July 2, and selling extremely hot.

Mr. James Schneider, the CEO of IECMA, expressed his worry, "The market is full of counterfeit and shoddy products, which will definitely bring potential health hazards. Dealers should be seriously responsible for smokers and choose electronic cigarette brands carefully."

Then, how to buy healthy and authentic electronic cigarettes? Mr. James suggested, "Price is not the only consideration for choosing electronic cigarette brands. The products of most brands are provided by suppliers, whose quality determines the quality of electronic cigarette brands. So what dealers should really take into account is the R&D strength and quality control system of suppliers. It's better to inspect the suppliers' factories before a large order is placed. So far among all the suppliers, KIMREE, as the leading enterprise in electronic cigarette manufacturing industry, is the best in R & D strength and quality control system."

Johnny Smithson, an inspector of IECMA, commented according to these years' information about electronic cigarette industry, "Dealers should not expect a good electronic cigarette brand with low price. Bargain too much will force brands to cooperate with suppliers who are willing to cater to market by sacrificing quality, which harms the consumers most. While in classic manufacturers like KIMREE, there is a bottom price. These leading companies would rather not accept the order than lower the quality standard. Of course, they will not provide cheap products for electronic cigarette brands. Dealers should be clear about that quality is based on a moderate cost."

At last, Mr. James emphasized, "As the approaching of the Olympics, more and more people will come to England, and the need for electronic cigarettes is increasingly bigger. Dealers should take responsibility for smokers."

Wish London Olympic Games a success!