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Electronic Cigarettes Are the Holiday Gift That Keep on Giving


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2011 -- From jewelry and electronics to clothing and household items, this holiday season people everywhere will receive an abundance of trendy and fun gifts.

For those interested in giving loved ones the gift of a healthier lifestyle, many are choosing to give friends and family members who smoke starter kits from some of the most popular electronic cigarette brands on the market.

Although not FDA approved to date, the large majority of people believe e-cigarettes are a healthier, cheaper and more attractive option for smokers worldwide. But with the abundance of e-cig brands available, figuring out which e-cig is the right choice for each person requires a bit of research.

WhereTheresSmoke.net is the top-rated website for those individuals who wish to gain unbiased and honest information about the best electronic cigarette brands. After researching and analyzing more than 10,000 customer feedback comments, the expert review panel at WhereThersSmoke.net has published a list of the top 10 e-cigarette brands to educate visitors about the varieties and differences between each.

Electronic cigarettes have been proven by numerous sources to help traditional tobacco smokers quit the unhealthy habit, or at least switch to the smokeless version. This holiday season, people can help smokers make the switch to e-cigarettes by reviewing the extensively-researched top 10 list provided at WhereTheresSmoke.net.

At the site, great care is taken to ensure each electronic cigarette brand is studied carefully and all relevant information pertaining to the ingredients, the product, the manufacturing procedure, the distribution procedure, the hygiene, the cost effectiveness, as well as the consumer feedbacks are taken into consideration before compiling the final review.

According to the site, “At WhereTheresSmoke.net, you finally get to read a review which is so ‘consumer centric’ that you can actually choose the best e-cigarette without bothering to spend tons of money and your precious time researching for the same.”

The elite review panel at WhereTheresSmoke.net is comprised of the leading smoke critics, de-addiction specialists, and chain smokers from across the globe. Using their experience in the field of cigarettes and the effects of smoking on a daily basis, they conduct an in-depth research on all leading e-cigarette brands in the niche and weigh their pros and cons against each other.

Additionally, the site provides a unique “Savings Calculator” that allows visitors to choose the number of packs of tobacco cigarettes they smoke per day and the average cost per pack they spend. The Savings Calculator then projects the person’s estimated yearly tobacco cigarette costs and the estimated first-year savings they can expect by switching to electronic cigarettes.

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WhereTheresSmoke.net is an e-cigarette review site listing the top 10 electronic cigarette brands researched and analyzed by a judicious mix of expert smokers and smoking therapists from around the world. After conducting a battery of intensive tests on each product, the expert panel provides unbiased ratings for each e-cigarette brand to help visitors make informed decisions about which product is best suited for them. For more information, visit http://www.WhereTheresSmoke.net