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Electronic Cigarettes by Earn Top Marks for Flavor, Vapor

EC Smokes' flavor goes viral on YouTube thanks to RealCigReview and a dedication to quality


Garfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- If you’re looking for an eCig with great body and intense, natural flavors, head over to and grab one of their all-inclusive starter packs, according to a review by RealCigReviews, premiere reviewer of electronic cigarettes. Published on, the review garnered well over 10,000 views just a couple days after it was initially posted.

RealCigReviews hailed ECSmokes ecigs, giving them high ratings for their “fantastic body” and “nice, clean flavor.” The review centered on the store’s premium starter packs, which feature everything needed to enjoy the electronic cigarette vaping experience, including a powerful lithium battery, a USB charger and three flavor cartridges.

“Wow, very nice body right off the bat,” RealCigReviews noted, adding that the tobacco flavor was “one of the better tobacco flavors I’ve tried. I can’t even think of any off the top of my head that would be this nice as far as the tobacco flavor.”

In his review of Cool Mint of Green Apple flavors, the reviewer was equally enthusiastic: “Fantastic body, love it, love it, love it,” he noted after sampling the Cool Mint flavor. “The mint has a really nice, clean flavor; it’s not sharp. I’m a big fan of the menthol electronic cigarettes, and this one is jumping to the top of my list.”

Green Apple also earned top honors. “I’m impressed - this tastes exactly like a green apple, that is a great flavor,” he reported. “That is amazing, awesome. This just jumped to one of my new favorites.”

In addition to noting the clean, intense flavors, RealCigReviews offered high praise for the vapor quality: “I’m getting a really nice feel for the vapor coming in,” the reviewer noted. “One of my biggest complaints with electronic cigarettes is that they don’t feel like smoke, but this one has a nice, big body to it and feels more like cigarette smoke, so that’s definitely a big plus.”

Tobacco, Cool Mint and Green Apple aren’t the only flavors getting high marks from RealCigReviews. You can check out RealCigReviews’ complete three-part review of ECSmokes starter packs here:

To learn more about EC Smokes' flavors visit EC Smoke's flavor cartridge page. For information of its basic and premium starter kits, and its complete line of electronic vaping products and accessories, visit And don’t forget to use the “realcigreview15” code for 15% off your order.