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Del Mar, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/28/2013 -- Everyone who's ever smoked a cigarette knows how hard it is to quit once hooked. And everyone who's tried to quit smoking tobacco has been through the hassle of choosing the right electronic cigarette for them. Electronic cigarettes are the latest smoke inducing little sticks that's been competing against the tobacco industry for quite some time now. With beneficial claims such as being nicotine free and tar free, the e-cigarette market is far from the point of becoming extinct.

With each brand comes different distinctions and with these in mind, Smoke Chat has made it their responsibility to provide people with electronic cigarette reviews that contain honest opinions and actual facts. See, that's the problem with choices. People often find it challenging to choose from one good brand to another. Smoke Chat has made it a point to try each and every product offered to customers to be able to relate to them and provide a good e-cigarette review.

As each person has different tastes, specific offers by different brands are being taken, tried, tested, rated and given an electronic cigarette review. These e-cigarette reviews help make up people's minds in finding the right one for them, whether they'd go for an e-cig with nicotine cartridges or not, and whether or not the price is worth it. For further information on their electronic cigarette ratings and reviews, visit their website at

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Smoke Chat is a website that provides people with honest and unbiased ratings and reviews on different electronic cigarettes available in the market today. A number of reviews on a variety of the best electronic cigarette brands are available on their website. They aim to help people choose the right electronic cigarette for them to use according to their lifestyle that suits them.

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