Electronic Cigarettes - the Most Favored Gadget of Smokers

E-cigarettes are very economical than traditional cigarettes as one cartridge is equivalent to 100-150 normal cigarettes.


Torrance, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- Many people are aware of the harmful impacts of smoking on health, but still many smokers find it very hard to quit. For them electronic cigarettes are the best alternative that can help them to cut down their habit of smoking gradually. An electronic cigarette or smokeless cigarette is a battery powered gadget that includes nicotine vaporized solution. This is a good substitute to traditional tobacco smoking, such as cigars, cigarettes and pipes. Some of the flavors include coffee, menthol, vanilla and tobacco.

E-cigarette includes a cartridge that contains liquid nicotine that gets vaporized by the atomizer of e-cigarettes while inhaling. One nicotine cartridge price is equal to 10-12 pack of traditional cigarettes. Few electronic cigarette also comes with a USB port for charging the battery. Nicotine solution is also called as e-liquid. This e-liquid comes in various flavors and concentration that is dissolved in PG (propylene glycol) or VG (vegetable glycerol) both are food additives. The nicotine liquid comes in various concentrations or strength. Smoker can choose their strength according to their urge for nicotine.

The nicotine concentration can vary from 0 to 60 mg/ml. Electronic cigarettes with non nicotine liquid are also available nowadays. The rating of the concentration of nicotine is imprinted on the cartridge. It contains some extent of tobacco essence, Glycerol, benzyl benzoate, Citric acid, organic acid, anti oxidation agent and Alcohol.

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