Electronic Cigarettes to Satisfy Smoker Cravings


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2013 -- Smokers find it a very difficult task to quit smoking. It is not that they do not know the health hazards but it is the habit that they just cannot let go of. Despite years and years of New Year Resolutions to quit smoking, smokers still fail to do so. The only best alternative for smokers to stop their craving is through the electronic cigarettes. offers quality eCigarettes to all those smokers who cannot come out of the habit. These cigarettes are safe in a way that they do not contain tobacco, tar or those thousands of chemicals and additives that are used to manufacture cigarettes.

These eCigarettes do not emit smoke which is the major cause of lung cancer and other respiratory problems both in active smokers as well as passive smokers. The eCigarettes produce only water vapor and are free of odor or pollutants. The vapor lasts hardly for a few seconds thus leaving nothing behind unlike the usual cigarettes which leave toxic second hand smoke. There is no need to look for a special place to smoke these cigarettes as they do not cause any harm to the public environment such as bars, restaurants, airports, offices or even on the streets.

ECigarettes are environment friendly, free of health risks and most importantly cost effective. E-Cig kits are available for Beginners, Experienced as well as Advanced smokers. The ECigs work on a battery which provides supply to the unit and the cartomizer which is the vapor causing unit. Customers can order for refills such as blank cartridges, cartomizers or eliquids in different flavors. Accessories such as batteries, chargers and cases, atomizers, USB cables and mixing supplies are also available here. Customers may also wish to buy disposables which are available in different packs. This is the right opportunity to get rid of those deadly cigarettes but can still continue with the habit of smoking only with these ecigarettes.

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SS Choice, LLC. based at Southlake, Texas is a global supplier and manufactures of Electronic Cigarettes. They provide quality eCigarettes and other accessories to customers across the United States. The product 7’s Electronic Cigarette was launched in March 2009 and ever since then they have been offering the most advanced electronic cigarettes in the market.

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