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Springfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2013 -- A noted expert on electronic gizmos, Mr. Robert, gives critical appraisal of and advice on selection, maintenance, and performance of hair clippers. According to him, the key factors one should look for while hunting for a good hair clipper are Blades, Guards, and Brands. He says, “Experts define the best hair clippers as the ones giving you the experience of a life time”.

Drawing a parallel between a car and a hair clipper, Mr. Robert deftly explains how a good lubricant is vital for both to keep its parts trouble free. Just a drop or two of the best hair clipper oil will make all the difference. He reminds how it is always wise to keep extra stock of a lubricant tube which one can get from department stores or online sources. It is also very important to stick to hair clipper oil not substituting it with cooking or automobile oil.

Mr. Robert lists out numerous brands of hair clippers and gives a critical appraisal of the performance of each. He explains that the ease with which the head can be detached for cleaning should be the criterion for a switch from corded to cordless hair clipper. He strongly recommends Wahl clipper-Wahl79600-2101 from personal experience for good quality trimming without losing the cut. He enumerates various advantages of the machine which cuts through any wet, thick hair. Above all, it is light and easily fits into the palm of the hand.

For a professional, this is the ideal machine as it can be used on many customers without the user or the machine getting fatigued. According to Mr. Robert, when it comes to the best hair clipper of 2013, Andis T clippers are the clear winners. The reviews give a comprehensive appraisal of the product and are good guides for one looking for a personal hair clipper. This brand is specially recommended for its durability and performance.

Consistency of good, trouble free performance and competitive price are cited as the major benefits gained by customers of an Andis T Outliner Trimmer. Though magnetic motors are not generally favored, Mr. Robert makes an exception in the case of Andis. Its special design with thin profile and the overlapping of the blades that work well on magnetic motors make it a hot favorite. With a bold finish, its carbon steel blade makes it the best buy in the market.

Andis24145 is recommended for its ceramic blades that perform better than steel ones without getting hot. Mr. Robert gives a rating of above average for the motor while he considers the blades ‘astounding’. The design is described as slick with its black and chrome finish giving it a professional appeal. The Andis 24145 Speed master 2 Clipper is endorsed for the value of the money spent on it.

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Robert is a self taught electronic expert renowned for his advice on electronic devices. Here he introduces hair clippers for the first time. He has chosen this product as the vastness of the supply in the market overwhelms the average and often naïve customer. The information provided is the result of years of committed research.

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