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Electronic Incentives Starts a New Incentive Program to Help Companies Increase Revenues and Employee Retention


Loganville, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- Companies and businesses around the globe are suffering on different levels of employees and customer retention, revenue generation and sales. This is mainly said to be happening because the traditional methods of marketing are no longer effective. Addressing the issue, Electronic Incentives recently started their own incentive program, which aims to help businesses boost their sales and revenues by improving the retention rates.

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‘Electronic Incentives’ offers huge discounts in travel industry through their product called Unlimited Certificates , which entitles users to huge discounts on hotels, cruises, restaurants, vacation packages, airfare packages, theme parks, cars rentals, movies and much more.

Talking about their product, Unlimited Certificates, one of the senior executives at the company stated - “These exclusive discounts are offered in a form of certificates that you simply give away to people by either printing or emailing them and every time someone redeems them you get paid a commission for each certificate redeemed. It’s that simple!”

Elaborating more on how versatile the product is in its usage, the company owner was quoted as saying - “We have a selection of over 40 different exclusive certificates that people can choose from and the best part is that they can be used not only when people are traveling but they can also be used on a daily basis on purchases that people are making right now!”

With a product like Unlimited Certificates, businesses can increase their sales up to 40% along with dramatically reducing their overall advertising costs. With these travel incentives , businesses can attract more new visitors to their website and physical stores. These discount travel products also help businesses to encourage repeat business along with boost in sales, renewals and purchases.

Any business owner is free to try out the incentive program rolled out by the company. Further details are available on the official website of the company

About Electronic Incentives
Electronic Incentives is a million dollar producer of discounts and incentive programs in travel industry. Through its travel discount products, the company helps businesses around the world increase their sales, revenue and employee benefits.

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