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ElectronicCigarette-Review.co.uk Announces Its Favorite Electronic Cigarette for 2013


Swindon, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2013 -- In the last decade, one technological innovation that has changed a huge number of lives and flown off the shelves is the electronic cigarette. E-cigs have been one of the biggest retail success stories of recent years, and now the market is flooded with a vast number of different electronic cigarette brands. It can be incredibly difficult for new electronic cigarette users to determine which brand is worth their hard earned money. However some websites exist for the purposes of reviewing and rating these high tech devices.

One electronic cigarette review website that has been getting a lot of attention recently is ElectronicCigarette-Review.co.uk. This insightful site has quickly gained a reputation for being the home of detailed, impartial and extremely helpful reviews of the most popular electronic cigarette brands on the market.

Each review goes into great detail about the product, discussing the most important factors to electronic cigarette users. This includes the price, the nicotine strength, the flavour and the thickness of vapor. The reviews are accompanied with high resolution pictures of the product.

Unlike other vanilla review sites Electronic Cigarette Review UK has decided to engage with their readers by making their editorial content sharp and witty as well as informative. This engagement with their readers has seen the site grow its readership virally.

The site is based in the UK, and has a particular focus on electronic cigarettes that are popular in Britain. These include well known brands such as Halo, E-Pro and Electric Zebra.

In addition to the reviews, there is also a plethora of electronic cigarette related editorial content covering everything from health issue through to the advantages of e-cigs.

A spokesperson for the site said: “When I first started vaping, it was pretty easy to select an electronic cigarette. There were only a handful of brands on the market. These days there are dozens of choices, and it can be very intimidating for the new electronic cigarette user. Choosing a brand requires a bit of investment and commitment, so it’s important to make the right choice. We’ve set up our website to help people who are switching over from cigarettes. It’s made by vapers for smokers. We evaluate each electronic cigarette with that audience in mind, focusing on factors that make them satisfying for people switching over, such as vapor thickness, flavor and smoothness. Our reviews are wholly impartial, so people can trust us when making their electronic cigarette choice.”

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Electronic Cigarette Review UK is a UK based electronic cigarette review website. It contains unbiased reviews of many of the most popular electronic cigarette brands.

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