The Electronic Cigarette Smoking Alternative Grows Its Following With Real Reviews


Teaneck, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2012 -- In the last few years electronic cigarettes have become incredibly popular as a smoking alternative. These small, hand held vaporizing devices have replaced traditional cigarettes for many smokers. Considering that in many countries smoking cigarettes is now prohibited inside any public building or workplace, it’s unsurprising that electronic cigarettes have gained such a large user base.

One website making waves in this sector is, a thoughtfully written compendium of e-cig reviews. The site is beginning to gain a lot of attention and authority because of its warm, engaging and reliable reviews of carefully researched electronic cigarette brands.

Casey Dalton from explained their recent growth:

“We are showing steady growth as the preferred choice for e-cig reviews because we take into account what kind of information consumers find most valuable and supportive in learning more about e cigarettes and making an informed decision. ECA always looks at e cigs from the consumer's point of view. The internet is full of fake reviews and information overload. Our readership looks to us as an honest, straightforward intermediary and appreciates that we offer well researched, thorough reviews on top quality brands.”

Each review gives a full outline of the product in question. There is generally a short history of the creators of each product, so that users are assured the brand is reliable. The products are then judged on battery power, flavor, vapor, popularity and a variety of other important factors. The reviews are a truly comprehensive assessment, leaving no doubt about the quality of the product by the end of the review. Readers are left with a full understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each e-cig reviewed. Each review is accompanied by high quality digital imagery plus a quick review guide composing of star ratings in four categories.

The reviews on the site also address common concerns about safety and the ingredients within electronic cigarettes. This can be a worry for those who are considering switching to e-cigs, and the site's editorial content discusses this issue and many others, in depth.

Casey Dalton from said:

“There is no shortage of information about e-cigs on the internet, and it can be incredibly confusing for new users to determine which brands are worth using or for current users to find a more satisfying brand. I wanted to create a website that gives a balanced view of the options available on the market. I review all the top brands, as well as smaller brands which have generated a lot of buzz online. Most importantly, I am an e-cigarette enthusiast myself. I try to review each product with a fun and friendly personal touch, because I am passionate about the electronic cigarette as a product that can really be helpful to people and change their lives.”

About is an online electronic cigarette review site, run by an enthusiast. It aims to review all the most popular electronic cigarette brands, and also address reader concerns and confusion when deciding whether to try electronic cigarettes.

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