Joe Bragg Reveals Hidden Information on Big Electronic Cigarette Brands


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- Vaporizing nicotine using an electronic cigarette has become a popular alternative to cigarettes in recent times. Cigarettes have been known to cause health problems for a long time, but many people have continued to smoke in the absence of a pleasurable, healthier alternative. That has changed with the invention of electronic cigarettes.

One website making waves in this area is This website has gained a lot of attention recently by unveiling exclusive information about leading electronic cigarette brands, some of it having a monumental impact on the industry.

The site contains full and frank reviews of many of the most popular electronic cigarette brands, including a V2 cigs review, with comprehensive information on each product. The site discusses standard product points such as vapor thickness and quality, build quality and construction and the richness of flavor you might expect from each e-cig. In addition to this standard information, the site often reveals unexpected secrets about each brand.

In addition to the review section, there is also a wealth of useful editorial content on the site dealing with electronic cigarettes in general. Every aspect of electronic cigarette use is well represented, with articles on safety, popularity and even an electronic cigarette shopper’s guide.

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Joel Hays the owner of the site said:

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About is a site concentrating on reviews of the most popular electronic cigarette brands. The site offers a huge amount of information on electronic cigarettes, including comprehensive reviews, a shopper’s guide, and more.

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