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ElectronicCigaretteGuy.com Helps Smokers Switch from Tobacco to Electronic Cigarettes


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2012 -- In the wake of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) graphic new television campaign on the cancerous effects of smoking, thousands of smokers are seeking information on e-cigarettes from http://www.electroniccigaretteguy.com. Started by a former smoker, the website provides reviews of sixteen electronic cigarettes as well as informative articles about switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes.

According to CDC, lung cancer is still the leading cause of cancer death among men and women. The health organization’s recent graphic anti-smoking campaign has prompted thousands to renew their efforts to quit smoking. Many are learning about how e-cigarettes can be a powerful quitting tool by reading articles and reviews of the top e-cigarettes on the electroniccigaretteguy.com website before purchasing. “My goal with the site is to help former smokers like myself learn about the benefits and types of electronic cigarettes so that they can quit the tobacco habit and lead healthier, longer lives,” said Rob, the Electronic Cigarette Guy website founder.

After making the switch to electronic cigarettes in 2009, the website founder went on to try dozens of different makes, models and brands of e-cigarettes, which prompted him to start the website. Each electronic cigarette review features a detailed review by the website’s founder, the kit price, available flavors, nicotine level and a link to each of the manufacturers’ websites. Refill information is provided with available flavors, strengths, quantities and price per pack. Shoppers can also find e-cigarette accessories and the latest coupons and promotional codes for all of the e-cigarette brands that provide them, as well as a link directly to the manufacturer’s website.

Cigarette smoke contains over 60 known carcinogens with smoking related lung cancer deaths worldwide at 91 and 71 percent for men and women respectively. In comparison, electronic cigarettes do not contain any harmful substances. A 2011 study by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that as a smoking cessation tool, 30 percent of electronic cigarette smokers quit smoking entirely within six months of their use, which dwarfs the low 10 percent success rate from nicotine gums and patches. “I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time doing research on various types of e-cigarettes, e-juice and accessories with the hope that the hundreds visiting my site can make the switch to save their health and their money,” said Rob. For more information, please visit http://www.electroniccigaretteguy.com

About ElectronicCigaretteGuy.com
Started by former smoker Rob, now known as The Electronic Cigarette Guy, the website provides reviews on many electronic cigarette kits along with refill and accessory information. The website also features articles on switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes, customer reviews and much more. Rob started ElectronicCigaretteGuy.com in order to help others lose the habit.