ElectronicCigaretteGuy.com Provides E-Cig Reviews With a Personal Twist


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2012 -- The electronic cigarette industry is booming, and that boom has led to the creation of hundreds of e-cig review sites. While some e-cig review sites simply describe the pros and cons of each product, other review sites offer a more unique approach.

ElectronicCigaretteGuy.com is one such site. At ElectronicCigaretteGuy.com, all e-cig reviews are written with a personal touch in order to show readers what it actually feels like to use an electronic cigarette. The reviews discuss everything from flavor and authenticity to the appearance of the cigarette itself.

For those wondering who the Electronic Cigarette Guy is, the website features an about the author page. The creator of ElectronicCigaretteGuy.com is named Rob, and he is a 34-year old father of four. After smoking regularly between the ages of 18 and 33, Rob decided to make the switch to electronic cigarettes in 2009. Rob discusses what happened next:

“I discovered e-cigs in 2009 and, ever since then, I’ve been vaping on a daily basis. I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time and effort on creating the ultimate e-cigarette review site, and I want to provide visitors with honest, down-to-earth information about the industry’s latest trends.”

The ElectronicCigaretteGuy.com website serves as a testament to Rob’s hard work. The site features a plethora of editorial content about finding the best electronic cigarette deals both online and in-store. There are also in-depth explanations about the health effects of using e-cigarettes, and Rob wants users to have all the information they need to make an intelligent purchasing decision.

ElectronicCigaretteGuy.com also features reviews about some of the most popular electronic cigarette brands on the market today. Rob claims to own over 20 different name brand e-cig models, which means that he has personally tried out all of the products reviewed on ElectronicCigaretteGuy.com

On many reviews, Rob lets other users contribute to the discussion. He posts a number of quotes from actual customers, and blog commenters are allowed to weigh-in with their opinions. Rob explained the reasoning behind this decision:

“Everybody has a different opinion about electronic cigarettes. I have my opinion, and other people have their own. By posting short reviews from other customers on the review page, I give my readers several different points of view.”

For those seeking deals on free electronic cigarettes or just a straightforward discussion on the best e-cig brands on the market today, ElectronicCigaretteGuy.com seeks to be the internet’s premier source of e-cig information.

About ElectronicCigaretteGuy.com
ElectronicCigaretteGuy.com provides reviews and information about a wide variety of electronic cigarette brands. The website is run by Rob, a former smoker who started enjoying electronic cigarettes in 2009. For more information, please visit: http://www.electroniccigaretteguy.com