Elegant Mobile Detailers Stands Up to Environmental Issues


Toronto, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Elegant Mobile Detailers of Toronto has introduced a new eco-friendly detailing solution for use at their car detailing business. Owner Akiva Dubrofsky is excited to introduce this new chemical solution that allows his team to offer expert detailing without using excessive amounts of water. For Dubrofsky, introducing this new water-free solution is his way of doing its part to help the environment without reducing the quality of his work.

Excessive water usage and its impact on the environment is a much discussed topic. Water levels worldwide are decreasing at alarming rates due in large part to the amount of water used in food production. The United Nations has even elevated the topic to a worldwide initiative called “World Water Day” to help people and organizations assess their “water footprint”. Much progress has been made in the climate change debate about a “carbon footprint” but it’s just as important to think about a “water footprint” and that is what Dubrofsky has done by implementing this innovative detailing solution.

For businesses and residents in the Toronto area it is hard to miss the fact that the water levels in the Great Lakes have decreased considerably over the past few years and that the current Canadian government has gone silent on environmental issues. For these reasons and many more Dubrofsky came to the conclusion that it is important for every business to do its part and live up to the goals of Word Water Day by reducing water usage.

From this point forward any client using Elegant Mobile Detailers will receive expert detailing and be able to do their part to help the environment. They can be assured that the detailing process used on their vehicle will involve the new water-free solution.

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Elegant Mobile Detailers is a Toronto based detailing company. It provides detailing needs at the location of the customer. They offer premium interior and exterior detailing options that include the most intensive cleaning and care.

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