ElektronischEsigarettenErVaring.nl Publishes Top 3 E Cigs Available in Netherlands List


Amsterdam, North Holland -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- ElektronischEsigarettenErVaring.nl, a website dedicated in reviewing latest and popular electronic cigarettes available in Netherlands, has recently published a list of Top 3 Electronic Cigarettes in Holland.

The website has chosen the Top 3 electronic cigarette providers amongst 10 best selling electronic cigarettes in the Netherlands and has also shared a comprehensive review of each one.

YouTube videos, clearly displaying the contents of the starter kits and the overall design & features of the e-cigs is also posted alongside the reviews. The Top 3 was established by giving individual ratings of each aspect of the e-cigs and a final overall rating to determine which e-cig is the best.

DanSmoke emerged as the best e-cig available in Netherlands after the editorial team of the website, http://elektronischesigarettenervaring.nl/, performed its rigorous testing. The company that initially became popular in the Scandinavian countries has become an instant success in Holland as well.

The testing team via its research found that DanSmoke has the best battery life they have ever seen which has been a major reason for its success in numerous European countries. Another great aspect of DanSmoke, according to the site’s team, is that the flavor of the cartridges remains constant even when it is about to be finished a rare feature which is not available in most e-cigs anywhere in the world.

E-smoking Ltd which has been one of the best selling electronic cigarettes in the country for years was given the 2nd spot by the editorial team who in the review commended the vapor quality of the e-cig. The starter kit of E-smoking comes with 2 batteries as well, which makes up for the reduced battery life when compared to DanSmoke.

The worldwide popular and one of the pioneers of electronic cigarettes the eGo e-cigs were given the 3rd and final spot in the list. Over 25 flavors that are mixable as per the desire of the consumers, very good overall e-cig life, 2nd best battery life after DanSmoke, durable and methodical design which offers a great vaping experience are some of the stand out aspects of the e-cig mentioned on the website, where complete review and videos of all 3 electronic cigarettes can now be viewed.

About ElektronischEsigarettenErVaring.nl
ElektronischEsigarettenErVaring.nl is one of the leading websites that provides reviews of various electronic cigarettes that are available in Netherlands. The editorial team of the website performs their own thorough testing and analysis on latest e-cigs available in the market and shares its findings to the public via its online platform. The website recently published a ‘Top 3 E-Cigs available in Netherlands’ list which has gained wide attention amongst Dutch vaping community.

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