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Elements Health Care Center Announces Low-Cost, Highly Effective Weight-Loss Class

Center's second weight loss group will follow upon highly successful predecessor, deliver 10 weeks of weight-loss strategy and coaching for only $75, Elements Health Care Center reports


Somerset, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2014 -- Elements Health Care Center, a provider of natural and alternative health and wellness services, announced that the company is accepting enrollees for an upcoming, comprehensive, group weight-loss class. Created by a number of the Center's dietary, fitness, and wellness specialists, the 10 week program is an outstanding value at only $75. Elements Health Care Center is one of the leading organizations of its sort in Pennsylvania, bringing together a number of experts from a variety of disciplines under one roof.

"After the incredible success of our first weight loss group, we're happy to announce that we're taking reservations for our next," Elements Health Care Center owner Heather Tokar said, "and we expect the impressive results of those who participated in that first group to lead to great demand for spots in the second." Elements Health Care Center boasts a staff with extensive training in such specialties as massage therapy, acupuncture, thermography, reflexology, dietary science, and more. The Center was created in order to provide a place for experts in these many subjects to be able to work together in mutually supporting and enhancing ways so that visitors could benefit to the greatest extent possible.

The upcoming weight loss class is a product of this philosophy, as it will give participants the benefits of insights and support from a range of practitioners with different perspectives. Nutrition experts, for example, will help students modify their diets in healthful ways that will lead to sustainable, appreciable weight loss on their own, while accounting for such special concerns as diabetes and food allergies. At the same time, insight and input from Elements Health Care Center staffers with specializations in such varied subjects as hypnosis and life coaching will be used to support and improve the results that students can expect to see.

"Thanks to our incredible staff here at Elements Health Care Center," Tokar continued, "we have a lot to offer to people in the Somerset area who are looking for better health and improved well-being. Our upcoming weight loss class is just one example of this." A particularly popular service at the Center recently has been thermography, a non-invasive imaging technique which makes use of the natural infrared emissions of the body. This technology has been put to use in providing earlier detection of breast tumors and similar problems than is otherwise typically possible, and it brings a number of other advantages to the table, as well. Elements Health Care Center is also one of the leading area providers of reiki and acupuncture services, alternative healing techniques with roots in Asia that many believe can often provide relief where Western medicine fails to do so.

A limited number of spots for the upcoming weight loss class at Elements Health Care Center are available. The class will begin in the first week of September and will cost only $75 for the entire 10-week schedule. Those interested in signing up for the weight loss class or learning about other opportunities at the Center, such as health counseling services, may easily do so at the Elements Health Care Center website.

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A leading provider of natural and alternative health and wellness services, Elements Health Care Center brings together a number of the Somerset area's best-trained and most-knowledgeable practitioners. Visitors to the center may avail themselves of those services individually or take part in any of a steady schedule of classes and courses of comprehensive treatment.